Nebulous days

Sunday – an early muster for some of the crew.
The children watch ‘Dr Doolittle’.
I stayed in bed a while longer as I was nearly at the end of the book I had been reading since before I went to Australia. It was extremely gripping and inspirational.
‘Evidence not Seen’ by Darlene Deibler Rose.
It took me a whle to get into it but then I couldn’t put it down.
An amazing story about her survival in a Japanese POW camp.
She was only 28 when released – the faith of one so young was amazing.
I just had to find out what happened to her since the end of the book so I spent a bit of time surfing the web and reading about her life from then on.

As with anytime I decide not to get up and moving and showered before daylight I get caught out!
I was called to the door in my pre-shower, dressing-gowned state by one of the guys who were renting The Cottage for weekend.
He was wanting to pay his dues.
I must have looked pretty scarey – he messed up the cheque he was writing and he didn’t stick around too long

I got to the cooking in preparation for our dinner party.
I love my Moosewood Cookbook – it has great salads – I made the potato salad and the Indonesian rice salad.
Shanni started some bread rising for foccacia bread.

Then around 11am we started getting everyone together for fellowship.
Just about to start and Leon walked in with Simesi.
They had come to say good-bye.
They had been staying over at the Lodge but we didn’t know Simesi had been there too so hadn’t caught up with him earlier.
It was lovely to see him.

Jesika worked with him on the market garden in Riwaka back in 2000/2001 and hadn’t seen him since.
He is from Fiji and normally just comes to work the season but is now waiting for an operation and then he will retire back to his island where we are all invited to visit him – sounds like a great place for a holiday methinks

The day got wetter and wetter.
Tim & Anson managed to get the sheep in the shed.
Anson’s mate Shane arrived to help with the shearing.
Ros walked over from Waterfall for a visit and stayed for the bbq.
Tim barbequed up sausages, steak, paua, and beef patties.
Sandra & Phil and Peter arrived and we loaded the table up with food…..

….and proceeded to eat way too much – but it was all good

Then the younger members played some games with Herbie and Anna

Cat washed the dishes with assistance and much joviality from Phil & Peter

While Tim & Ros had a deep and meaningful discussion about who knows what……

It was a great evening and lovely to catch up with everyone.

Monday – Anson & Shane got into the shearing and I got stuck into food preparation.
It was great though as there was a LOT left over from the night before to add to the menu.
When the shearers are working the kitchen staff (me-!!) have to be on the ball and have plentiful and nourishing food ready at the right times.
Breakfast @ 6:45am
Start work at 7:30am
Morning Smoko @ 9:30am
Lunch @ 12 noon
Afternoon Smoko @ 3pm
Finish work at 5:30pm
Dinner around 6:30pm
It really is all go and organisation is totally necessary to make it all flow and keep everyone happy.

Seb helped me with Cottage cleaning, hanging washing and other necessary household stuff, Jesika, Alex & Herb rousied and Nathan helped Tim with the stock work.
Tim got rammed in the back of his thigh by a sheep which slowed him down considerably so Cat gave him a hand for the rest of the day.
There was quite a major scattering from the lunch table as it began to rain and they had to tear off up the hill to get the rest of the sheep back into the shed.

The Tasman Challenger came steaming in and dropped off the mast for Cat’s yacht.
It has only taken 18-months for it to be delivered so there was great celebrations to finally see it here.

It’s majorly long so it had to come up on the right transport, but it is here now so all is good and Cat can now start preparing the final finishings before getting it into the water.

Jesika and Alex went over to Waterfall for the night so she could sort her gear out and get some of her stuff to take back to Melbourne.

Anna was on the phone mid-morning organising her plans for work and travel etc. to Chch when the phone went dead.
I called Faults on my cell phone and was told it was a huge fault due to lightening and the crew were on to it.
Calls were then redirected via my cell phone.
I called Faults again later in the afternoon as was told it would be fixed by Tuesday morning.
I called Faults at 10ish today and was told it would be fixed by midday.
Jesika arrived back and told me that Waterfall had not lost their power at all – so I was rather confused as I had been told it was a huge fault.

I called Faults just after midday and was told it would be fixed by 11am Wednesday.
I hit the roof <img src=”; width=”15″ border=”0″ />
She suggested if I was not happy I might like to speak to her supervisor.
I said yes, I would very much like to speak to someone.
She said they would call back in 5-10 minutes.
An hour later I had had no calls so I called Transfield and talked to the head guy there.
They had not received any fault notification about our fault until 7:30am today.
AND as far as he knew there was only us and one other person with no power in this area.
He said the technician was working on the other fault and if he could he would come and look at ours this afternoon but if he ran out of time he would come back in the morning.
I was so glad to hear Rob’s voice on the phone when he called from the top of the hill  later on – he then traced the fault down the hill.
It was an old fault that he had fixed last year but it is not fixed completely as Tim has got to do some bulldozing first.
Tim had let sheep out in the morning and they had broken the exposed cable!!!!
I am still waiting for the Telecom supervisor to call me back!

So we have the phone back on again but we are expecting a thunder and lightening storm tonight so there is every chance we could loose it again – oh joy!

The sheep were still wet this morning so the guys did a spot of fishing as they waited for the breeze to dry them a bit.
They started shearing after 11am.
Shane had to leave at 1pm to get to an appointment.
He finally got away at 1:30pm, taking Anna with him.
She hitched a ride out to her car and is driving to Christchurch for her new job.
Herb left soon after as he had to get back to work tonight.
Anson carried on shearing with Jesika, and then Cat, rousieing.
Seb took Alex hunting – saw some pigs but never shot anything.

Jo arrived with her 4 children.
They are staying for the rest of the week in The Cottage so my children are delighted to have some playmates.

We have had torrential rain tonight – there was a lot of very dirty water pouring down the hill so Tim donned his rain jacket and went for a tiki tour to see if there were any blocked culverts.
Anson & Cat helped and Seb cleared some guttering that was overflowing.

I am off to bed now as I am taking Jesika & Alex out to town tomorrow to catch their ride to Christchurch as they fly back to Melbourne on Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Nebulous days

  1. I would love your Foccacia bread recipe. I have yet to make any that worked.I hate doing the run-around with power, phone, any, company. It is aweful. Good job getting through that! And keeping everyone fed. It is fun to read between the lines at all that is going on there.

  2. @Divine_Diva_in_NC – We are very blessed to be able to provide ourselves with meat from the farm and from hunting.We also are blessed beyond measure by friends who have orchards and market gardens who give us so much in the way of fruit and vegetables that it supplements the budgets immeasurably.

  3. @havilahjoy – Sorry I have taken so long to reply but -I have been tryng to get the foccacia bread recipe from Shanni – but like her mother she says it is in her head!!But to the best of my ability here is what I would doin a bowl with a cup of warm water add a Tablespoon sugar and a heaped teaspoon of dry yeast granules.Stir and leave to fizz.Chuck 2-3 cups flour in a bowl.add a bit of salt if you want.Mix the yeast mix in and kneed itAdd more water or flour if necessarythen put in an oiled bowl, cover and set it to rise in a warm place.Shanni leaves it all day – I don’t!Then form it into buns or foccacia or whatever.let it rise again for a bit.If it is for foccacia then randomly poke your finger into it to make holesthen pour olive oil over it – I fill up the holes and then a bit more around the placethen scatter on chopped garlic, rosemary or rock salt – whatever you preferand bake it.If Shanni can do it in her normal random way then I am sure you can Maybe you should let the kids do it!!

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