Okay! It is Saturday but I am talking about Friday.

We are having some lovely calm weather at the moment – only trouble is when it is calm it is usually cold – no wind to blow away the still damp cool air from the bush and it all comes and sits on the house – brrrrr.

Tim spent most of the day working on his boat trailer.
It was with the intent on getting our guest’s boat up so he could suss out the problem with the motor.
But in the end the guy is going to get his s-i-l to come down and tow him home today instead.
His s-i-l is holidaying not too far away from here and has his own boat so is more practical than getting the commercial guys to come all the way out here to take a look.
BUT – it does mean the boat trailer jigsaw is now completed – yaaaahooooo!

Bernadette and Chi spent most of the day cleaning the interiors of my Safari and Anson’s ute. They were both in a right state – they are probably so clean now they will die from shock! Didn’t get them to clean the outsides as by the time they have been driven up the drive on the next trips to town no-one would know they had been cleaned, so a waste of time.

The children and I motored through another morning of school work – all went well. Shanni wrote a really long story – she LOVES writing stories way more than doing maths. Not too sure if I will get the required stories from Hali & Nathan though – they have the ideas but not the proficiencies to get them down on paper so easily.

I allowed Seb to sleep in till close on midday as he had not arrived home till midnight. But then I dragged him out of bed and suggested he get himself sorted out. It took a while for him to come too and be part of the world but once he did he was fine. He actually got stuck in and gave the living area a big clean up for me which was lovely.

Ella & Grant came around to visit with the children after lunch.
The children had slept most of the way down so when they arrived around 11ish they woke and were all bouncing off the walls till around 3am!
Nicholas from Germany arrived on the mailboat. He had met Sarah in Havelock so of course she told him he had to come here.

Only thing was, he arrived into the midst of total chaos.
We were cleaning up lunch so I gave him food while the dishes were being done.
Tim still hadn’t come home from the trailer.
The girls went back cleaning the vehicles.
Ella, Grant and kids were here.
Then Cat text me about a TradeMe bid I was sposed to be putting in for her that I had forgot about and it was closing in 15 minutes – so I tore off to the study like a mad woman to try and load the site and find the item (not quick on dial up and even slower when you are in a hurry) – then the bidding went too high for her so that was a wasted exercise.
Then our wharf building fella arrived by boat and I had to spend the next few jours down at the wharf with him while we discussed what needed to be done there.
All the time wondering why Tim hadn’t come home to talk to him.
Then found out later that the message I had given Nathan to give to Tim several hours previously had not been delivered

Tim did eventually turn up so I left them to it and came back to the house in a state resembling an iceberg.
Ella & Grant had taken the twins back to The Croft and left the other 3 here with my children.
Shanni was kept busy keeping the two boys out of mischief – she’s pretty good at that

Bernadette is pretty keen on learning new recipes so I got her to make Mega Mud Puddle Cake with the little folk.
It is a brilliant recipe – makes heaps and is fun to do with the kids.
It is also dairy and egg free and can be used as a hot dessert and then cake the next day/s.

Azzan & Eden were helping with great gusto
PICT6993 PICT6995 PICT6996
Eden really got into it big time so a wash up was required before she was taken back home.

Here’s the recipe for any of you who may be interested – it is one of our favourites – Cat always loves to take it to work in her lunch box
Look at the photos to see the size of pan it makes.

Mega Mud Puddle Cake

Into a large roasting pan tip –
6 cups flour
4 cups sugar
1 cup cocoa
4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Stir with lots of spoons held by lots of little hands until all mixed and no lumps.

Pour in with wild abandon –
4 cups water
1 1/3 cups oil
100 mls vinegar
2 tsp vanilla

More stirring, lots of sticky fingers.
Stir till resembles a big mud puddle.
Lick spoons and fingers.

Bake 180’C till cooked in the middle.

Can add raisins, choc chips, fruit, spices
Or replace cocoa with packet of instant pudding – butterscotch is great.
We often add a can of drained fruit – peaches, cut up – makes a nice pudding, then left overs great cold.
Eat hot straight from oven with milk, cream, ice cream, custard, etc.

Chi and our children walked Eden back home and then got back in time for dinner.
It was Day 5 of my cleanse and I must admit sitting down to watch the others tucking into a delicious meal of corned beef and veges was a bit much really. I LOVE corned beef
Tim did assure me that we have heaps more in the freezer so guess what I will be having next week??
I had a plate of tomato and capsicum soup so I was fine.
Shanni asked me if having soup all the time didn’t get a bit boring – but as it is only for 10 days I can cope.

I was cold and tired so when the guys put on a movie that didn’t interest me ‘Shooter’ I think it was called, I decided to hop into my bed with the electric blanket on and read my book.

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