“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week”

I stayed cuddled up in my cosy bed for a while longer than usual this morning to finish my book and also to give the water time to heat up for my shower.
There are a lot of people using the hot water here at the moment and when the fire is allowed to die down after dinner and then the dinner dishes are washed and then several showers as well, by morning the water ain’t too warm

I was delighted this morning as I am now down to 71.4kg – yippee! Am feeling like I am actually making progress and getting near to where I want to be. My pre wedding weight 30 years ago was 66kg. I know that is too light for me now but I want to get a bit closer so I will plateau under 70kg.

Everyone was up and breakfasted by the time I was showered and dressed.
We cleaned up and then Bernadette, Chi & Nicholas decided to go for a walk to Waterfall Bay.

The rest of us enjoyed Sunday Fellowship with Graham. For once we actually got started on time at 10:30am.
It was really good. Alvaro & Winnie joined us too and Alvaro had some very interesting questions that made us all think.

We ended up having lunch in 3 sittings as the walkers returned as we were all finishing and then just as they had cleared up Ell & Grant arrived so they had soup too.

After lunch things got rather hectic.
Seb was packing up to head to work.
I was helping him gather enough food to see him through the week.
His idea of what he needed and mine were somewhat different – in quantities I mean!
He is such a gannet.
Mind you he does have a large frame to fill and when he is working he works hard.
Maybe next week when he actually has to buy all his food at the supermarket and he sees what it costs he might be a bit more restrained – I can see this could be a great learning curve!

At the same time Ella and Grant were trying to gather up their crew and pack up the van to head back home.
The children were just having too good a time though.
They loaded up and drove around to the top of the dog kennels and met up with Mahalia, Azzan & Eden.
The children had dragged branches and rubbish across the road to make a barrier to stop them from leaving.
Eden (4) did not want to go.
So after a little consideration Ella & I agreed she could stay till I go to town on Friday.
That made them all happy and after some quick good-bye hugs & kisses Grant – the ever patient dh and daddy was allowed to leave.

The wwoofers spent all afternoon out in the kayaks
It was a gloriously calm and clear day.
They had a great time and even caught some fish.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the study and also tonight, working on the gst.
I have got it practically finished – just have to email it to the accountant now to get it checked before finally filing with the IRD.

The children were so busy outside I never saw them at all.
They seem totally oblivious to the cold air.
Had to send someone out after dark to drag them in for dinner.
They should all sleep well tonight.

Well, Tim’s gone off to bed so I might just have to follow suit. It is getting jolly cold sitting here.
Another busy day looming tomorrow.

7 thoughts on ““Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week”

  1. @Divine_Diva_in_NCwe also use that term.But to me being called a pig is not very nice – it intimates just getting into the food and hogging it all down, no table manners, dirty etc.Whereas to me a gannet just opens its throat and sort of inhales the food!!That to me is identical to a 17 year old lad

  2. Those teen boys sure can put away the groceries…a bottomless pit.  They can stuff themselves and be starving again in two hours.Seb WILL have a wakeup call when he has to buy his own groceries next week LOL  You are right, it might be very good for him to see exactly what food costs are when he doesn’t have Dear Old Mom’s larder/pantry to raid

  3. You and I are within a pound of each other, weight wise.  What kind of diet are you on-I missed it if you already said…I’m pretty much stuck at this weight right now, it’s a bummer!

  4. @mama2five – I am basically on a low carb diet.I avoid wheat and potatoes and try not to eat between meals.At the moment I am on a 10 day Herbal Cleanse which finishes tonight.I am living on vege soup and fresh fruit/natural yoghurt  smoothies plus taking the herbal cleansing capsules.I know what you mean about being at a plateau.When I get to one of those I just do an internal cleanse to kick start the momentum again.

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