Mondays gone but Tuesday is still here – just!

Monday the girls helped me with vege prep and then Nathan took Bernadette & Winnie up to Waterfall Bay to help Richard.
Chi helped me. She put clean sheets on beds at the Croft & Cottage and then cleaned the bathrooms.
The men spent all day chopping and transporting firewood. I think the two guys felt some muscles that night!

The children and I got back into the school room.
Azzan & Eden played, but Eden got a bit sad and wanted her Mummy. But it didn’t take much to side track her.
I took her over to sit with Azzan while he played Teddy Bears on the computer – she was soon giggling

Cat left for work at 3:30am and didn’t get home till 9:30pm. A long day for her.
Seb also started at 5am and finished around 10pm.
He had a good first day on the boat.

The children have been having a spa at night – it makes an easy bath at the moment while our plumbing is not working so well. And they love it.
After the spa Bernadette was surrounded by children during story time.

Today Cat had the day off so as soon as the girls had finished the general after breakfast clean up and vege prep they went off with her to work in the boat shed.
Bernadette loves our pumpkin – she had never had it roasted before. So I gave her the job of cutting the one for dinner.
PICT7013 PICT7014
There is a bit of a knack to getting that knife in let alone get it out again-!!

They were painting so their hands and hair etc is all shades of blue and white now!
I think they enjoyed the change from housework though.

Tim took the two guys over the back of the farm to begin building a pig trap. He is sick of wild pigs coming through the bush and plowing up our paddocks and killing young lambs.

The children and I did a couple of pages about NZ architecture – it was most interesting.
As I thought our architecture is very eclectic but is based on the European & Polynesian immigrants using their previous skills with new materials. For example Old Saint Paul’s is a Gothic design using timber. Also the Maori had evolved a particular building type, themeeting house, which is the only building unique to New Zealand.

The children and the girls all had lunch and then the guys returned later they had session 2 lunch.
I decided to make Tim some wheat free bread as he had just mentioned he had none left. So I mixed up 4 loaves. Then while they were rising Azzan came in and helped me make 2 batches of Sydney Slice. It was such hit the other day I thought I may as well make some more. Azzan was great with his measuring but I had to clean up a bit of a mess afterwards.

We cooked to the accompaniment of The Carpenters. Azzan really enjoys music and he is just beginning to get the lyrics sussed. He likes to know what they lyrics are and what they mean. He is fascinated by the words to Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – he loves the melody so I had to explain what all the funny words meant. Then I was singing along very intently to Close to Youand he wanted to know if it was true
On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

Well I was singing this to my special blue eyed boy so of course it was true wasn’t it?

When Rainy Days and Mondays started playing he wanted to know what it meant. So I said that some people didn’t like Mondays and rainy days for various reasons, to which he said disbelievingly – “But rainy days are fun”!

It certainly made for entertaining baking and scintillating and thoughtful conversations
I have hardly seen Eden and the girls this afternoon. They have been playing hard out in the tree house, only coming in briefly for food. In fact Eden never even came in much Hali got her food for her!

Azzan wanted to make one more thing from the Best of Kids Cooking book. He said I could make whatever I wanted as long as he liked it. So we agreed on a Lemon Slice. I made that and then spent the rest of the afternoon cooking all the baking and bread. I also stuffed a very large moki for dinner. It was one Cat had speared last time they were out fishing. I had to cut quite a big tail chunk off to fit it into the roasting dish.

I finally sat down to have my bowl of soup at 4pm.
It was so good to put my feet up and read my book.
But as per normal when I have been working my butt off and have only just sat down – that is when people start coming in the doors wanting me to do things
I finally finished my book. It had gotten to the high tension part at the very end and I was getting rather annoyed at being disturbed
Deborah Challinor is a Kiwi author I have just recently discovered and I am really enjoying her books. This one was called ‘Fire‘ – she was inspired by one of New Zealand’s never horrendous tragedies, the Ballantynes Department store fire in 1947 which caused the loss of 47 lives.

I had everything done for dinner but the baking took longer than I thought so things weren’t cooked all together at the right time.
Cat & I also got wrapped up chatting in the study so I left dinner to Bernadette to get organised.
It happened – eventually! The pumpkin sort of came out as a late main course dish.
Dinner was busy and noisy as usual but everyone got fed and they were blessed also with dessert for the second night in a row. Pretty spoilt bunch I think

Anson called twice today – he is looking at extending his trip a few days so he can go sightseeing with one of the girls he is working with. She wants to go to Rome so as he said, they may as well get lost together-!! So I hope it works out for him to see a bit more of the country side before he gets home.

Seb text too. He is loving his new job. The guys he is working with are great and all sounds good. So we are very pleased for him.

Bri is back in NZ again but we won’t get to see her until Saturday. It will be great to have her home again for a while.

Tonight Alvaro was giving Chi guitar lessons…
Chi is happy cuz I have found her a wwoofing placement with some friends of ours.

I am off to bed now – it is late and I am the only one still up – what’s new!!

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