Wednesday – all day!

Today we were a hive of activity.

The girls spent a busy morning with me. Chi cleaned out a cupboard and then vacuumed right though the house while Winnie cleaned all the windows. It is so lovely to have sparkly windows again. Bernadette hung washing and then helped me with food prep. There was a little school work done at the kitchen table while I cooked. Nathan wrote a real good story – there was no stopping him He has never done that before so I was thrilled – so was he actually Shanni was doing maths – we will say no more!

Tim got the guys busy on the log splitter and then he headed over to Waterfall to do a delivery.
Unfortunately due to ignorance and not paying attention to instruction they stuffed up the log splitter good and proper. So Graham has had to spend all afternoon trying to fix it

Mahalia and Eden spent most of the day playing with the old baby’s buggy. They went round and round the house and section having a ball.
Azzan joined in for some of the fun but would gravitate in for food quite frequently. Shanni has been busy outdoors doing whatever Shanni’s do outdoors – usually anything that revolves around chickens and pigeons.

This afternoon the girls all worked outside in the garden. Bernie was assassinating a rampant vine which smothers my kowhai tree every year and tries valiantly to get inside the house through any cracks it may find in the walls. The other two were weeding the paths. The worked until quite late. I had to send someone out to tell them it was nearly dinner time.

Azzan (5) has been posing some thoughtful questions lately.
“How do you know who is the right person for you to marry?”
“How come God doesn’t talk to us anymore like He did in the Bible?”

I managed to get the children in much earlier tonight so they had a spa before dinner and even had time to have some stories. Chi read to them tonight, but Azzan was not coping too well with her no knowing how to pronounce some of the words so Bernie sat in to help – quite a cosy cuddle it was for a while

I had dinner more organised tonight – it was ready just as Tim walked in the door. How good was that-!!
I made a really yummy rice pudding from my Moosewood Cookbook. Man! I love that book. I was so thrilled to get an updated copy for my 50th birthday. My old copy is now 30 years old.

Cat thought she would be home early today but ended up not getting back till 5pm. She and Shanni went down to the shed and did some more work on the dinghy. Shanni is very excited as it will be ready for her to use tomorrow. She so wants to go fishing all the time but she is not allowed to use Nathan’s dinghy and got in for trouble using Cat’s one and not cleaning it properly. So hopefully this should solve her problems.

We are trying to get the trip to town streamlined. So I have spent today making lists and appointments. Now I have to leave home at 5:30am on Friday to get Cat to an appointment. She has to have her finger ultra sounded as there is a possiblitly that a kina spike is imbedded in there. It is very sore and kina are not the best things to leave inside your skin at the best of times but in a joint – well, let’s hope they can find it and deal with it for her.

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