While I was away Cat got the children to paint the new attic storage room she has built.
Judging from the clothes I put through the wash they got more paint on themselves than the walls – I was not too impressed to see that Mahalia had been wearing her new warm pants they are now dark blue with white paint smatters all over them!

IMG_0051 IMG_0052
They had a lot of fun though

We are back into school again after several weeks break.
Not that they have been uneducated in the duration.

I couldn’t face doing the normal school room clean up that has to happen when I haven’t been there for a while so Monday morning we all got in there and the children all pitched in and helped.
They were great.
Certainly helped to warm us all up too.
It has been jolly cold.
When I get up in the morning I move the hall heater into the school room so that it is cosy for when we get in there.
Otherwise it is like a proverbial iceberg.

We had a family discussion as to what topics we would be studying this term.
It is so good to have some enthusiastic students.
We had been intending to do our geography project on Australia and maybe China.
But I proposed that we do a short one on Bermuda seeing as we have Christian staying here this week and he has been living there for the past 3 years.
He has heaps of photos, video footage and experiences to share.
They all thought that was a great idea.

We are also doing our main unit about the development of language/speech.
So we began with a Bible study on the confusion of language at Babel.
The children then made a big poster of Romans 8:28 which is now hanging on the school room wall to help them memorise it.

Inna processed a heap of capsicum and small butternuts that were beginning to deteriorate. So we made a huge pot of pumpkin soup and got dinner ready with the results. Inna & Misha had dinner in the Cottage so it was quite nice to just have a small number for dinner.

The children and I watched ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ before dinner. It was really fun.
I loved how they had used so many dance periods and styles of music. We staged the show when I was in high school many many years ago but I had never actually seen the original show.

I was battling with a headache most of the day, finally relented and took some painkillers around 4pm. It helped immensely but I was quite glad to crawl into bed at 8:30pm with my book.

I woke this morning around 2am. Couldn’t sleep so got up and read on the sofa in front of the fire for an hour or so. Then managed to get a few more hours sleep.

Anson called this morning. He was over the moon.
He had just shorn his 10,000 sheep – not bad for 5 weeks work.
He was one very happy chappy.
He is really looking forward to coming home next week.
I also spoke to another lady who is working in his team over there.
Her and her husband are also Kiwis working with Anson.
Among other things she said he is a great young fella and we should be very proud of him.
Of course we are – he’s our boy

We did a bit more school work this morning. Mostly maths and the cover page of the Bermuda project. I have several books with lettering examples and stencils so the children had a lot of fun today trying to make their projects look good.
Seb text to say his boat was coming this way so I left the children to it and made some muffins and scones for him and his work mates and the crew here at home for lunch. It was nice to see him briefly when they cruised past the wharf to pick up the baking. His crew mate commented that they really like having him on the crew and that he is a keeper

Mahalia has been having a lot of fun with the Israeli twins. The language barrier doesn’t seem to much of a problem. They still laugh in the same language

Azzan helped me make dessert tonight – he loves to help in the kitchen.

It has been really really windy which has been good in a way. It has blown the cold air stream away and allowed us all to warm up a tad. I just do not cope in the cold. I tend to ice up and cannot function. Today I moved the heater into my room and actually managed to get my clothes unpacked and put away in the wardrobe and drawers and began cleaning up all my stamps and craft area.

Christian is helping Cat get her Duke of Edinburgh project finished tonight.
It will be such a relief to have it all done.
She is going flat tackers at the moment to get all of her projects completed around here so she is ready when she gets the nod to begin her new job. She is sort of in limbo but is not worried as it is giving her more time here at home.

I am off to bed now – hopefully I will get to sleep a bit better tonight.
Mind you, the penguins are already serenading loudly outside so it could be a noisy night

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