Another week has flown by…

Another summary of a busy week…..

Sunday – I took the 4 children and Christian and headed to Nelson.
Shanni did not want to go so was being rather reticent about packing.
Unfortunately I couldn’t give her a choice of staying as she had a Dr’s appointment.
Then Azzan didn’t know if he wanted to go or stay.
He was all packed but I gave him the choice of staying if he really didn’t want to come.
I found out the problem – he didn’t want to be carsick-!!
Anyway, we eventually got away and made it to Nelson with only the 2 girls getting sick.
So Azzan was fine

Cat left just after us for Christchurch. She was starting her new job Monday morning.

We had lunch at Oasis – it was a nice day so we sat outside and watched the cheeky seagulls and sparrows stealing lunches. Then it was time to put Christian on the plane to Auckland.
From there we did some shopping and zipped Nate & Shanni out to Annesbrook church to meet the Ashtons for evening cafe church. I then carried on working my way down my list. It was getting quite cold and very dark by the time we left town. I went to visit the marriage celebrant who is going to be taking Sunni & Ryan’s wedding. Nice to put a face to a voice.

We drove over the hill and got to Motupiko just after the others. The children were all happy to be out of the car and to have time to play before bed.

Monday – Phillipa and I left the children in Joanna’s tender care and drove over to Blenheim. We had a list of things to do plus Phillipa wanted to catch up with her daughter Mandy. It was a lovely day. I got to the gym, then we changed into our glad-rags at a friends house, popped around to visit Mum and then made it to the Hotel D’Urville by 5:30pm to have dinner with Duncan & Sylvia. We had a most enjoyable hour before we three ‘girls’ had to run across the street to the theatre. We left Duncan to pay the bill as he wasn’t coming to the show.

We had seats right in the very front seat. It was so cool – only about 2m away from The Ten Tenors, so we had a brilliant night. It is the 3rd time I have seen them live and they get better each time. Sylvia said at half time that she thought she was going to hear 10 old guys singing opera. She and Phillipa LOVED the show. As always in a show like that the end comes all too soon. We bought dvd’s and got to meet the 10 guys and get their signatures – real geriatric groupies we were

They got a great review in the local paper The Marlborough Express. But the Christchurch reviewer was rather negative and scathing – I would say to him – to forget going to shows he cannot appreciate and leave them for those of us that do!!

As we had not had time for dessert before we bowled across the street and enjoyed a delectable finish to our day before driving up to Sylvia & Duncan’s where we stayed the night.

Tuesday – we woke to a cool frosty day. Duncan left for work while it was still dark, we stayed snuggled in bed until our bladders would not allow us to stay in the warmth any longer. So it was up and dressed and then after a morning cuppa and Phillipa’s tiki-tour of the house and surrounds we departed for Motupiko. We had to stop on the way so I could introduce Phillipa to the famous Renwick meat pies. A delicious way to start the day

It was a lovely drive up the Wairau Valley and in no time at all our ‘Mums-out-on-the-town-alone’ time had come to an end and we were back home surrounded by children. I hurriedly made Tiramisu for dessert, had a shower and then dragged Shanni off to town. She so loves going to town – not!

We managed to have a lovely time despite her reticence. Got to her opthamologist appointment in plenty of time. She did not enjoy her time there. She hates having her eyes interfered with as they have become extremely sensitive. But Dr Suter gave her a thorough check up and then showed us his findings with pictures in his reference book. She has a type of viral keratitis which is quite rare – he said he would only see about 4 a year and hardly any children. At this point they do not know what causes it and they have not found a cure for it. The only thing he knew of to try was a 3-week course of a very mild steroid. So that is what we are doing. Although it is hellish to get the drops into her eyes. She absolutely hates it.

We did a couple of jobs, went to the gym and then drove back over the hill in time for dinner. We had an early birthday celebration for Nicholas – he is turning 13 on Friday.
We put the dvd of the Ten Tenors on to show Pat and the children while we had dinner. Pat was hooked – it went all night at high volume-!! The children disappeared out into the darkness and lit a bonfire that the boys had prepared.
IMG_0120 IMG_0118
I had bought two large bags of marshmallows for them to toast – there was none left afterwards-!!

We had Tiramisu while they played games in the dark. Finally we dragged them all in and got them to bed. They seem totally oblivious to the cold when they are all together having fun with their friends. I spent the rest of the evening working on the computer – Phillipa kindly let me use it as they have broadband and I wanted to get some more Photomax things done. I worked through until 2:45am and then the mouse ran out of battery power so I had to give up and go to bed.

Wednesday – I didn’t sleep terribly well and was away well before 7am.
I got all my stuff packed and did a bit more on Photomax while the children crawled out of bed and packed their own gear. They were not in a hurry to leave despite my warnings that I had to be on the road by 9am. It was -4’C – rather cool-!! We finally left around 9:10am and headed over the hill very cautiously as Pat had warned me there could be ice. The only ice we saw was on their creek. The children thought it was very cool to be breaking the ice as we drove through it. Despite getting stuck behind a slow truck we made it to the airport just in time to pick up Anson. It was great to see him again after 6 weeks. We managed to squeeze him into the Safari and then drove into the city to meet the guy who Seb had just bought a car off.
It is a 1985 Nissan Sunny station wagon. It is a very tidy car with immaculate upholstery and very low miles. We did all the paper work and left the car there to pick it up later. Didn’t want to be finding parks for two cars unnecessarily. I dropped Anson off at the dentist. Azzan stayed with him – he knows where all the toys are there

The others and I went cruising around town for a while and then met the boys for lunch. First of all though the children had sushi while Anson & I banked his earnings. He had chucked his bulging wallet at me on arrival and I didn’t want to be responsible for them any longer. After lunch we went picked up the Sunny and went to view one of the trucks Anson is thinking of trading his Ford Courier in on. Then he took Shanni, Nate & Azzan and headed home. Hali and I stayed so I could go to the gym and get groceries.

Hali and I arrived home at 8:30pm and found that after dinner when Anson was sitting at the dinner table jet-lag had finally hit. His head hit the table and he was snoring so they sent him up to bed.

We put the children to bed and then Tim and I sat and watched ‘Return to Me’. It was a fun relaxing movie to blob with.

Today – Thursday. Anson has been very busy helping Tim and being his normal teasing self with the rest of the children. I guess his jet-lag has been slept off! The dynamics and noise of the house sure enlarge when he is home

Had a long chat with Cat today – it was good to hear how she is doing in her new job. She turned up at work on Monday and 2 hours later was on a plane to Wellington to work for a month. She is working as an industrial abseiler for this company – she is working for the Industrial Rigging part of the company. There’s some quite ginteresting photos showing the ypes of work she will be doing in the photo gallery. She was working at the 17th floor of a building the other night replacing $20,000 cables. Last night she was up a 15m tower working from 7pm till 6am – things didn’t sail plainly so it took much longer than expected. She will be doing a lot of work at night as that is when they can turn things off as it doesn’t interfere with the public communications too much. Her team mates are from Chile, China & Israel. An interesting bunch. One thing about Cat – her life is never dull or boring

Seb finished his Maths set. He was stuck on one question so I called up his teacher for help. It is a set on algebra. Well, I was nearly in tears after the conversation – it was so frustrating – I couldn’t understand it so how was I going to be able to get it through to Seb?? Anyway, we finally managed to get it done – I hope he understands it now-!! He left mid-afternoon cuz he is going to work for my bro for a few days. So he took the long route and dropped Mike off in Picton on the way. Got lost despite all the instructions we had all been giving him.

Bri arrived home while we were having dinner – a nice surprise. She has been working on another farm across the Sounds for the past few weeks and has 10 days left before her trip to Thailand.

So, two have flown the coop this week and two have come home.
Family dynamics – always changing.
No wonder when folk ask me how many children are still at home I hesitate to reply

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