my new hair stylist

Azzan loves to climb up behind me when I am sitting in the study or at the table and do my hair.
Today I caught him on my iMac camera.

Photo 34 Photo 39 Photo 30 Photo 36 Photo 33 Photo 29

He thought it was pretty cool and played the part well
At the end he said he was putting my hair into a whale’s spout.
Then as he climbed down he said ‘You look real nice – like an onion’!!

So guess who is still sporting her new onion look tonight – of course – I love the new look

It was all quiet on the home front this morning till 8am. Most unheard of for anyone to sleep that late.
But as I never turned my light off till 3am and the children were late too none of us woke till late.
Except Anson – he woke at 4:30am but as he was up in his new boudoir he watched movies and listened to his music and never disturbed any of the sleeping beauties down here.

The children did some math through out the morning. It was all really rather low key. Nathan is trying to get his head around long division – it is all very confusing getting the pattern of ‘divide, multiply, subtract’ stuck in your head so I am having to spend time with him while he gets it sussed. Hali is trying to get her head around the fact that if you have an equation such as 9+3 it is easier to change it to 10+2 to get the answer. Shanni had a change around in her bedroom. That is always a good move as the room gets ultra tidy then. We won’t even go there as far as her maths is concerned-!! She was much happier to write a story.

They must be in a cleaning mood as they spent the rest of the day with the two Israeli children cleaning the tree house. When I say Israeli it is where they were born – but the parents came from Russia about 18 years ago. In Israel they all speak Hebrew but while in NZ they are making a point of speaking Russian so their children will become more fluent in the language while they are young – they are 5yr old twins. In Israel the children will not speak Russian because only their parents speak it. It is rather interesting hearing Russian spoken constantly. I overheard Mahalia asking Inna how to say certain words in Russian so that is good she initiated the learning process herself.

Misha set of in his kayak to paddle around D’Urville Island over the next few days. Te forecast is interesting to say the least but he is very experienced so he is quite confident of coping with the fickle winds and tides. It is approx 100km round trip – no mean feat.

Inna did some gardening and then came in to bake a cake for us. It was so funny. She set up the cake mixer with the whisk beater, put in the milk, sugar and large slabs of cold, solid butter and turned on the machine. Of course with the wrong beater and the hard butter the whole thing started to splatter big time so she panicked and tried to turn the machine off but turned it the wrong way which caused a volcanic explosion of sugary liquid all over the bench, walls and floor – not to mention herself. I was joking with her later that it was great she had done it as she cleaned it up herself- if it had been myself or one of the children then I would’ve had to get in on the cleaning

Then she got the flour from the wrong bin and used one of Tim’s wheat free flours (that was cool cuz it meant Tim could enjoy the cake too), and finally, instead of beating the egg whites separately & folding them in like the recipe asked for she just mixed them straight into the mixture. She reckoned nothing further could go wrong – but as I pointed out to her – it was an old recipe of my mother’s that I had not made for centuries so no-one would know what is was meant to look or taste like and all would be well.
Which it was.
They wolfed into it for desert tonight, I had to restrain Shanni & Azzan from cleaning it all up!
Which just goes to prove what I always say – there is never a failure, just a new way of doing things – and nothing around here ever goes to waste

Got a call from my Dr’s nurse today. My iron levels have dropped again – bummer. It is getting rather boring. I am waiting for a new trial product to arrive from the alternative health clinic we go to to see if that will help raise it. Our practitioner has been doing lots of research into why I and others on his books have this problem – levels rocking up and down all the time. He has come up with a theory and a product so I am going to be a guinea pig for him – anything – I will try anything if it will help! Except raw or even cooked liver – just don’t even go there

Tim had a good trip to town. Was home well before dinner.
He had a good report from his ENT Dr re his ear so that was great.
He and Nathan are watching the end of ‘Elizabeth’ – I am finishing this update and may just have to go hop into bed.
Last night, I watched ‘Seabiscuit’. Because of several late phone calls I never got to start watching it until 9:30pm. I thought I would only watch the first half an hour or so to get a feel if I would enjoy it or not. But the story was so gripping and the tension was so immense I couldn’t bring myself to hit the stop button, so it never finished till after midnight.
Then I was so fascinated by the story I had to do some research about it all on the net.
Then I updated my blog.
Then I finally got to bed and ‘had’ to finish my book – I was at that point in the story where I just couldn’t put it down – next thing it was 3am – time flies when you are having fun – and when it is quiet and peaceful

One thought on “Introducing……

  1. I really liked what you said, “Which just goes to prove what I always say – there is never a failure, just a new way of doing things.”  What a wonderful outlook on life!

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