A friendly sort of day :-)

Everyone slept in Saturday morning. I was first up as my throat and head were both aching and in the shower before 8am. It was an overcast frosty morning. The cow was bellowing so Phillipa came zooming out to milk her before she got too upset.

We then had breakfast and packed up. Pay & Phillipa had to go make some furniture deliveries before 10am so we said good-bye to the children and then followed them down the drive a few minutes later. When we got to the Harris’s we found a lounge full of young lads still engrossed in their movie. They had watched the 3 Lord of The Rings dvd’s during the night! In between to give themselves a break they watched ‘The Snowman’ We prised Nathan away and headed off to Richmond to get last minute things. The Police Station was closed so I was still unable to get the papers signed that I had missed on Thursday

After getting a pie for Nathan & I and sushi for Shanni and then frappacino’s at Starbucks we headed outa town around 1pm. We drove back over the Whangamoa’s and then up the Maungatapu Valley road to visit our friends Sharon and Dennis who live at the very end. Their daughter-in-law Hasmig is visiting from Cyprus with wee Kezia for a few weeks. They were the reason for our long drive up there.

We had a lovely afternoon with them. A wee friend Susanna was staying so the 3 girls had a great time playing dolls in the bedroom

Pat and his 4 boys turned up too bringing a heap of food for dinner. Nathan and Billy are the same age so it was good timing for them to catch up with each other.
Kezia adopted Nathan
PICT7080 PICT7083 PICT7091

Al the children enjoyed a game of cards
then Sharon had a meal organised for us all in no time at all.

Billy & Pat were sizing each other up so I had to get proof that he ain’t as tall as his Dad just yet

Three generations –
It was a happy time – this is the first time Kezia has seen her grandparents since she was born.
And although Armenian is her first language she has picked up English at nursery school and speaks like a native.

We all finally had to pull ourselves away and bid our farewells, knowing that children were all getting tired and we still had a 2.5hour drive ahead of us.

It was quite windy along the road and a bit of rain spitting but not as bad as I was expecting. Nathan snored his way home. I guess the sleep over was taking it’s toll on him by this stage Shanni dozed off and on and The Cathedrals singing kept me awake. Shanni very bravely opened the gate at the top of the hill cuz Nathan was snoring so loudly I didn’t have the heart to wake him. She’s not too keen on the dark and it was quite windy.

We got home around 10:30pm and found Tim & Aidan still up and deep in discussion about baptism.
I started unloading the car and then the power went out. So we all piled into our respective beds and kept cosy despite the cold wind blowing and the huge waves crashing on the beach.

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