A stormy day.

There were many deep and meaningful discussions happening through out today.

We woke at 5am and the power had been restored so that was great. Those guys are amazing – they work in horrendous conditions, we are so quick to complain when the poser goes off but I often think we should be calling to thank them for getting it going again.
There has been a horrendous storm hit the top of the North Island today – You can read about it hereand here
Although the waves were crashing loudly on our shores we missed the main ferocity of it.

I managed to get all the 4 loads of washing done and actually hung out on the line as the wind was blowing enough to do some drying. The children played, unpacked, played, ate, played, tidied rooms, ate, played some more and ate some more!!

Graham arrived around with a big pot of soup. That was great cuz i hadn’t done any food. so soup and bread and fruit were the on going snacks through out the day.

We had a great time around the table with Aidan, Graham, Tim & I. It is such a blessing to be able to talk about the Lord so freely with like minded people who are wanting to learn. We talked for hours and hours – the day just disappeared.

Aidan had decided he wanted to be baptised so finally we ventured down to the sea.
It was not the warmest of days but when the desire is there who cares?
God knows the heart and Aidan was wanting to be obedient despite the winter chills.
Behold a new creation

We spent the rest of the day eating, talking, eating and talking.

The children fixed themselves 2 minute noodles for dinner and Tim had them snuggled into bed soon after 7pm. So we sat down and watched ‘The Ultimate Gift’ – even though it was the 2nd time for me to watch it in just over a week I was still really moved by the story.

Now, after this major update it is now tomorrow and I need to get to bed.
Chika is eager to clean house in the morning so who am I to stop a good woman

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