Friday on the slopes

I woke to the alarm at 6:30am and found that the ski-field was open with a 1m base and all was looking very favourable for a good day on the slopes. So we woke the troops and got them fed and dressed warmly and shunted them out the door before 8am. The had about an hours drive to get to the Rainbow car-park where they were meeting up with the rest of the home schoolers group. Tim took Nathan, Shanni, Nicholas and Chika (Japanese wwoofer).

They had a great day – in fact it was one out of the box. The field was shut the day before and the forecast for the following days was very miserable. They were totally blessed to have such a great window in the weather.
I raided Shanni’s camera for these photos that she and Tim took.
She was delighted to see her first keas. Cheeky birds that they are! They need no encouragement to steal food, tear strips off your tyres or window surrounds or even radio aerials-!!
Feed time – they took so much food there was no chance they would go hungry-!!
First time on skis. She LOVED it.
Nathan & Nicholas were away up on the heights, but she stuck close to the learners area and made friends with Simon, the son of friends of ours who was a big help to her as she was doing battle with the ski tow.

Tim took the camera up the top and got this great photo looking over Lake Rotoiti towards St Arnaud Village.
The ski basin.

Coming home down the mountain, the weather packed it in right at the end of the day and there were icy patches apparently. I am so glad I was not driving – I do not do ice-!!

They got back to the house around 6pm, tired but happy. Nicholas had collided with a snow boarder and had some serious grazes to show for it. They were all a bit snow burned, but that’s a healthy addition of Vit D in mid winter that we can all do with. Generally they were all very happy with their day on the Rainbow. We fed them a quick dinner while Tim repacked the truck.

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