Meanwhile, back on the ranch….

We all stayed back in the warmth and had a leisurely breakfast.
Pat left for work.
Johanna had been very unwell the previous few days but was a lot better thankfully.
Phillipa took Lydia, Hali and Azzan down to milk the cow. First time Azzan had seen a cow being milked so he went off happily munching his toast. It was jackets and gumboots weather.
I was glad to hop into a hot shower while they were gone. I really don’t do cold well at all. When they came back they were excited to be finding ice around the garden.
Azzan thought his made a great crown – a bit drippy though!!
The girls found this piece on the chicken’s water container
Jacob was finding bigger and bigger pieces and had great delight in melting them under the hot tap.
They found this huge piece – makes a great ‘mirror’

Then they decided they would love to have a bonfire. So they battled the elements and got one burning. We found them out there toasting their marshmellows in a very civilised manner
I had some Jaffa Thins (chocolate biscuits) so I showed them how to make s’mores by sandwiching the toasted marshmellow between two biscuits. They thought that was pretty good and demolished the whole packet!

It was a glorious day although the wind chill factor was a bit too cool for me to stay outside for too long.
They look right up the valley to where the crew was skiing
PICT7061 s
so we could imagine that they were having a brilliant time.

Phillipa and I spent most of the morning playing on the computer. I was showing her how to get her blog going. I had set her up with her own xanga site a year ago but she needed some on the job training to get started
Here she is hard at it, so if you want to go meet her then click here

While we were engrossed Azzan was being sent back and forth to the house to get drinks and more food. He was a very happy and obliging messanger service.
We gave him a pot of saveloys and french bread to toast over the fire and of course some BBQ sauce.

There was only one catastrophe – and that was Azzan. Poor wee man burnt his lip on a hot marshmellow. He has made quite a mess of it, a large burn on his bottom lip and on his chin. But after a spot of TLC and some ointment has headed back out to join the party again.

This was such an exhausting morning for them that the next thing we knew we had a lounge full of children stretched out watching Celtic Woman dvd’s. We soon gave them a short shift outside as it was a beautiful day and their time together was too short to waste in front of a square baby sitter.

Jake and Azzan had been playing in the creek prior to this unbeknownst to us. They had flooded their gumboots so when we sent them back outside they were not at all happy about putting them on. So we gave them plastic shopping bags as liners….
they work a treat

Once 4:30pm came it was a mad scurry to get all the chores in and the wood bins filled as once the sun disappears over the hill it gets very bone chillingly cold. We got dinner on and the children packed up all their gear as I knew Tim would not want to muck about once he arrived.

When they got home Shanni pleaded to stay with me as she was sick of travelling and just wanted to stay put. So we fed Chika & Tim and the wee ones, loaded them into the ute and then managed to squeeze Nathan & Nicholas in too. They were heading over the hill for a sleep over birthday party and by squeezing them in it saved Pat having to make a special trip. Poor Chika was getting quite confused as to what was going on. Her English is not great so while I was trying to explain to her Tim was – ‘Just tell her to get in! I am going!!’

They had a long drive home and didn’t get there till just on midnight.
We proceeded to dish our dinner and we sat and watch the dvd’s I had brought out – ‘High Kings‘ and ‘Celtic Thunder‘. Pat loves live music so he was set for long night of enjoyment

I was pretty tired by the end of the day.
My voice was returning but my throat was sore and my head aching. So I filled a hot water bottle and snuggled down in my bed around 11:30pm to the sounds of Fiona Pears playing Hava Nagila

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