Thursday in town

You know! I should know better than tackle a day in town when I am not well.
I headed off on Thursday morning with the two girls. Azzan was pretty upset at having to stay and go mussel working with Tim, but I just didn’t feel up to having 3 wee ones in town. So he came out later on with Tim & Nathan.

We left quite late for me, around 9am. Had a good drive out. Hali was only sick once!
After she was sick she was happy and asking what was for breakfast.
Rai Valley pies were the voted choice.
So that was all good. Then I had a gutting realisation – I hadn’t seen my wallet in my bag when I had stopped for her a few moments back. I got Shanni to do a frantic search and sure enough it wasn’t there.
I had left it behind – again!

Twice in 8 months, unbelievable
So I zipped into Rai and called home to let Tim know.
Left a message on the answer phone and hoped he would get it.
Forgot about pies despite Shanni offering to use her $8.50

I still had no voice at his stage so any talking was pretty difficult. Shanni was doing as well as she could as my translator and I was managing a croaky talk if I needed to.

We carried on to Nelson, finally got Tim on the phone and gave him a long list of forgotten items to bring out. – He was going to be about 3 hours behind us. So I zipped around to see a good friend and borrowed some money to keep us going till Tim arrived. We finally got some breakfast – well by this stage it was sorta brunch. We did a few jobs. Had a lesson on my new overlocker. I had bought it before going to Australia in March and just hadn’t had much of a chance to get my head around it’s workings. So it was good to have some time to sit down with Sue, who knows how they work and actually see what I was doing wrong. The girls love ‘Creations Unlimited‘ – it is a cool patchwork, quilting, embroidery shop. A very inspiring place

The guys finally arrived about 30mins before Shanni’s 4pm opthamologist appointment. I really had quite a wasted day as there were several things I could’ve done but couldn’t because I never had ID on me etc. Then her appointment ran about 30mins late so by the time I got to Richmond to do what I needed to the places were closed – frustration to the max

We got groceries and carried on over the Spooners Hill to Motupiko to spend the next two nights with our friends there. The guys were late arriving because they had gone visiting. That was cool cuz they needed to go visit an old friend who is very ill, but they were not answering the cell phone so we were a bit concerned as to their whereabouts for a while! Tim and cell phones are just not compatible, don’t know why I even bother trying to get him to use one.

After a yummy dinner we got all the gear packed for the next day and enough food to feed an army and then hit the hay. I had my cell alarm set for 6:30am so I could check the ski filed forecast before everyone got woken unnecessarily.

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