Plans change……..

I woke up this morning with a throat full of golf balls and a head aching.
But once I had surfaced and had a shower I felt more alive.

My thoughts for the day were to get the sewing machines out and start teaching the girls to sew.
They are very keen to learn.
So I said we had to clean the house up before I could even consider it.
The girls got stuck into their rooms, Nathan did the living room and Chika swept and vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms.
I did the washing – it is so good to be able to hang it outside on the clothesline now.
The wind and the sun make it worth the effort.

Then lunch time was approaching so I decided I should make a pot of soup. Chika and I cut up a heap of pumpkin, carrot, swede, broccoli and onion and made the yummiest brew of soup. It was soooo good

Then I discovered that I needed to have my gst filed by today.
Oh dear
I had gotten it practically finished and had been waiting for some phone calls to be returned from several people to clarify things.
One of those I found out was away on leave, hence her not returning my email.
Talked to the accountant.
Had another go at the mussel invoices.
Couldn’t see any rhyme nor reason to them.
Put my head down and cried in frustration.
Then I addressed the issue more calmly and plodded my way through and after several hours managed to get everything all sorted out.

Knowing that I was going to be tied up in the study most of the arvo I had recruited Nathan to cook dinner for me. So I stayed here until I had everything totally finished, filed the 3 gst returns and paid the dues online.

By that time everyone had finished dinner and I was freezing cold after sitting in the study for so long.
I sorted out some dinner and warmed up in front of the fire.

I am now thinking I might just have to go hop in the spa and get really warmed up before bed.
Nathan cleaned it all out yesterday so the water should be less green than it was when I got home!

Graham & Shanni sorted out where they are going to rebuild the new bird avairy for her birds.
Now they just have to sort out materials.
The children have enjoyed playing most of the day since they finished cleaning.
They also went out and helped Tim with some wood gathering tonight.

Tomorrows another day – so tomorrow I will reschedule the idea of sewing

I will leave you with this story that I have been wanting to share with you for a while.
It is about the power of passion.

There’s a story about Socrates in which a proud young man supposedly asked, “Oh great Socrates, I came to you for knowledge.” Socrates led him down to the sea into waist-deep water. “Tell me again what you want,” he said. “Knowledge.” Socrates pushed him down under the water, holding him there for 30 seconds. “Now, what do you want?” The young man spluttered, “Wisdom, oh great Socrates.” Again the philosopher pushed him under. When he let him up again he asked, “What do you want?” “Knowledge, oh wise and…” he managed to spit out before Socrates held him under again, this time even longer. “What do you want?” repeated Socrates. The younger man coughed and gasped. “Air!” he shouted, “I want air!” Socrates replied, “When you want knowledge as much as you want air, you’ll get knowledge.” Then the old man returned to the shore.

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