There’s a bug in the house…..

Mahalia woke us around 4am – she had a headache. So she crawled in between us and went off to sleep.
I didn’t!

Azzan came in before 7am asking to have a spa.
I decided it was time to get up!

Azzan had some very random thoughts this morning….

‘I know why I cost so much.
Cuz when I take up a word my brain goes up
and my body shivers’

I joined him in the spa and then got the washing on and organised the crew for the morning.
Mahalia & Azzan were both feeling under the weather so I made them and myself a hot grapefruit & honey drink each.
They then cuddled up on the sofa and watched some movies.
I assigned Shanni to the kitchen with Chika – supposedly to bake and do veges for dinner.
Shanni then decided she would make pizza for dinner.
Nathan was directed to his school books.
Tim & Aidan went up the hill to do some more fencing.
I figured Chika @ 30 was old enough to be the responsible adult in the house.

I drove around to visit Sandra & Herb. They live about 25mins drive closer to town and had picked up a parcel for me that the courier had delivered late so I had missed getting it on Saturday. It was medication for Shanni’s eyes so relatively important to get asap. I had a lovely visit with them and a nice peaceful drive each way. They are heading off to the USA next month for a months tiki-tour so were real keen to hear about our adventures over there.

When I got back home it was lunch time. The pizzas were finished – they had made 3 enormous ones. I had to hide them because we had soup for lunch and they looked too inviting to wait for dinner.

The two little ones were looking decidedly unweller than before. – how’s that for good grammar
All Azzan wanted was a cold frozen berry so Shanni got them both some. He ate one and went to sleep.
Hali ate hers and dozed
and then went to sleep, but I can’t show that photo to you cuz she will kill me in a few years time – it is not very glamorous-!! Just picture head right back, eyes firmly shut, bright red berry lips, wide open mouth………….
Enough said.

Shanni started writing letters. Nathan did some more maths and played his computer games.
I did some sewing – managed to sew on a button and get rid of 3 articles from the mending pile.
It turned really cold here this arvo. The wind is blowing the waves on the beach again.
They are forecasting another ferocious storm – way worse than the last one.
Looks like we may cop it this time though as it appears to be a wider spread front.

Azzan staggered off the sofa and ended up on the floor in front of the fire.
Where he promptly went back to sleep for quite a long time.

We didn’t have dinner till about 7pm cuz the guys were late home. They were out chopping up firewood.
By this time Azzan had staggered over and collapsed on the floor in front of the cd player nearer the kitchen table.

We were talking around the table.
Only 6 of us for dinner tonight.
I was asking a Today in History question that I had heard on the radio while in the car.

I asked – ‘Who died in 1974 on this day in history at the age of 32 when she choked on a sandwich?’

While everyone was trying to guess and Nathan was trying to figure out how someone could choke on a sandwich a wee voice came from the floor…
‘there must’ve been too much tomato.’

So who was it??
Mama Cass of course.
Although it is only speculation that is how she died.

We finished dinner.
The pizza was superb – we all knew it was cuz Shanni kept informing us how amazing she was at making pizza

I ran a bath for Mahalia.
Then Azzan said he was hungry so I cut off a small piece of pizza for him.
He sat at the table looking very forlorn with his arms down at his sides.
I cut the pizza up real small.
He then told me that ‘I can’t lift up my hands.’
So guess who had to sit there and spoon feed the wee invalid
Each time I left him to eat, he had kiwi fruit next and then a drink of apple juice, I was told he couldn’t lift his hands.

I guess it is pretty good to have a mother to fuss over you when you are feeling not the greatest

I was browsing through the Spotlight catalogue tonight and couldn’t believe my eyes.
There on a page 2 of the dress fabrics is a picture of some fabric which I had not seen in 30 years. It is so close to my wedding dress fabric it could almost be identical. Of course I had to show Tim and see if he knew what it was. And surprise surprise – he said ‘That is your wedding dress.’ It was quite unusual at the time – not the norm for a wedding dress. It is the fabric of the dress on the little girl at the bottom left of page 2

Talked to Cat tonight. She is up in Waiouru tonight. She is certainly covering the country side at the moment. They were due to start work tonight at 9pm – hope they manage to get the job finished before the storm hits them. Anson is not getting much work as the weather over there is not good either, so he is getting pretty disgruntled and is threatening to move on somewhere else if things don’t change real soon. Bri’s due back in NZ in the next day or so. It will be good to hear all about her trip to Thailand & Cambodia, but as she is scheduled to begin work with Cat’s company as soon as she gets back she will probably not have time to come home. Sunni and I are emailing wedding invitations etc back and forth trying to make some decisions. Seb must be out on the briney somewhere. I haven’t heard from him since he left port so I guess he is keeping busy or is out of range.

I better go do Shanni’s night time eye medication. We have to be constant and deliberate about this for a month to see if it is going to help her. She is happy with it so that is a good start. The opthamologist can only offer steroid eye drops so we have a heap of stuff from the alternative clinic we go to to try. Anything is better than steroids!!!

One thought on “There’s a bug in the house…..

  1. Azzan is such a comic, even when he’s ill.  (The tomato comment made me laugh out loud.  )How bizarre to see your wedding dress fabric after all these years.  Neat-o if you could use a scrap of it to frame a photo from your wedding day…

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