A very stormy day

We woke to news on the radio of a severe storm hitting NZ.
It was blowing a strong southerly and raining a bit here but nothing too drastic.
Azzan came in around 6:30am wanting to have a spa. I talked him in to cuddling in bed for a while to wait till it was light.
Then he was out there wallowing in the warmth with the storm buffeting around him – he looked very comfortable. Tim’s boat was wallowing around most of the day – it was a big sea rolling in and it is still crashing in tonight.

Azzan & Hali were still not very well today. They spent all morning curled up on the sofa watching movies.
With Aidan & Chika’s help I made a huge pot of soup and got dinner prepared. Then we had one of Shanni’s pizza’s for lunch.

After lunch I got Azzan & Hali to have a sleep.
Shanni got out the sewing machine and I started cutting strips for her to learn to sew on.
She has never used the machine before so was very excited.
I figured if she learned to sew straight lines it would be a good start.
So we made strips

She had to redo some of them, some of the seams were a tad too narrow!
But she had a great time and loved it.
She sewed a lot of strips together and then ironed them and then I cut them into strips the other way and she sewed them again to make patches.

It was good for her to actually achieve something tangible from her first sewing lesson.
I figured a basic patchwork product would be achievable and all it took was straight sewing.
She did very well for a first time – but I am darn sure I will not be teaching her to drive a car   
She was very proud of her finished result.
It is a present for someone so I hope they appreciate the effort from both of us!!

Nathan has also been wanting to learn to sew so once Shanni got out a machine he was wanting to as well.
So he got the other machine at the opposite end of the table.
Figured out how to thread it and he was away.
He wanted to make a balaclava so he got a woollen hat and lay it down for a pattern on a piece of polar fleece and he was going for it.

I was chuckling though – look at the angle he has on when he is sewing around the corners
He was very pleased with the end result

He even figured out an ingenious way to add buttons at the back.
I don’t think he would be a successful bank robber though – his balaclava is too identifiable

Over the years I have accumulated several sewing machines. So I have my own Janome and 2 identical Brothers plus my Janome overlocker. The Brothers are ideal for the children to learn on and use.

I have been battling a headache again today. They seem to be a dauiy occurance. I think it is still part of the throat bug I had last week plus the ongoing neck/spine problem.
Tried to bribe Shanni into a massage before I could teach her to sew.
But it really didn’t help much.

As soon as Shanni had finished sewing the power went off.
It had been fluctuating all day.
It was good timing – so the children cleaned up all the mess and got things sorted for dinner etc.
Tim, Graham & Aidan had gone visiting our neighbour Peter for the arvo – not much else to do on a day like today except hang around annoying us!!

I was feeling really yucky so lay down by the fire and read my book in the remainder of the late afternoon light and dozed of to sleep. Woke to several phone calls then decided we needed to get dinner sorted before it got too dark. It was good we had it all cooked and it was hot on the wood fire.
Tim arrived home in time to get the 12v light connected so we didn’t have to rely on candles too long.

After dinner Tim and crew had a game of cards by the dim 12v light

Aidan and Chika were the two intrepid dishwashers tonight.
Aidan has been pretty buzzed by being part of a storm in the back of beyond. Being a city boy he hasn’t experienced anything like this before – mind you Chika probably hasn’t either!!

Azzan had been resting on the sofa by the fire. He came over looking for a torch so he could get his pj’s and go to bed. Poor wee fella, looked so miserable. So I filled him a hottie and read  him a story and tucked him down.

The power has come back on again so I am making the most of it to update just in case it goes off again.
The storm is pretty ferocious. The North Island is really copping it again. Cat is working up in the middle of it helping to keep the Telecom communications towers operating. Seb text to say it was real fun out there on the boat!! I guess they are doing a bit of surfing on their way up the Sounds. Anson has also just text to say he had a full days work today and hopefully a couple more lined up,  so that should keep him happy. He hates not to be working. Especially as that is why he is over there. He is not good at sitting around twiddling his thumbs.

Marlborough has issued a civil defence emergency, the Whangamoa hills to Nelson are closed because of the high winds and Nelson is getting a huge hammering too. Shanni was talking to a wee friend over there who told her that their trampoline had been blown away and that she had seen a house and a shed roof blown away. Another friend text me to say the power was off and trees were blowing over and sirens were constantly going.
I was talking to my sister tonight and she got a real scare when winds ripped out a line of fully grown macrocarpa trees by the roots near their house, she also nearly got done in by flying corrogated iron.

I am going to go tuck Shanni into bed and find my book and snuggle down for the night too.
No spa tonight – we had to turn it off cuz the power fluctuations were playing havoc with the electrics.
At least the power has been on long enough to heat my electric blanket

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