Onerous and exhausting days.

My alarm went off at 4:30am.
Just as well I set it as I would’ve slept in.
Isn’t that the way it goes – the mornings you don’t need to get up early you wake up early

We left right on 5:30 and had a good drive to town.
We ate Seb’s dust – he was streaks ahead of us.
But as he drives a car and we were in the Safari towing a trailer with Tim behind the wheel it was sorta expected

We stopped to get a pie at Rai Valley and then met up with Seb at Granny’s.
The two wee folk had been very good for her so I was pleased with them.
We left them and the 3 of us spent all morning at the court house.
A very tiring, frustrating and emotionally draining exercise.
I left earlier and went and did some jobs and the guys met me at the library.

Then we did the groceries, packed up the cars, piled Granny and the children and headed through to Havelock.
Spent a bit of time with police there reviewing issues and then left Seb to sleep the day away on the boat.
He was starting work at 5am today.

We dropped Granny off at Okiwi Bay where she is spending the week with 6 of her friends at a holiday home there.
Hali & Azzan were very good all the way home. They listened to my iPod. Then just a few moments before we arrived they started niggling.
‘Mum, Halia pulled a face at me.’
‘I was only being funny.’
‘Well, if you are being funny don’t look at me then.’

We arrived back home around 6pm.
Found all well here.
Graham had kept them occupied for the day spreading gravel and splitting wood.
Nathan had moved all his gear into Bri’s old room.
She appears to have vacated so he was pretty excited about that.

I mentioned to Mahalia that she could have first choice of moving into Nathan’s room and then Azzan got in on the act and he wanted to move there too. I finally said they weren’t doing any moving at that point cuz I was too tired to consider anything more and to just go to bed and sleep – we would discuss it in the morning!

Everyone headed off to bed by 9pm and I spent the next hour or so speaking with our friend Catherine who is a lawyer. She was a huge help putting things into perspective and when I finally got to bed I slept soundly.

This morning we woke early and talked for a while. Tim got up about 6:30am and I must have crashed. I was sleeping the sleep of the dead when the phone went at 7:30am and there was a loud noise in the hall. Woke feeling totally out of it. It was a real struggle to surface but I knew I had a lot to get done so I forced myself to get the feet on the floor.

The morning has been busy but we have accomplished much.
I made a huge carrot cake and a large Tuna pie to take with us tomorrow.
I also got all the veges prepped for dinner tonight.

Nathan finished cleaning his old room – it took a few goes cuz his idea of clean and mine are quite different
Mira helped and it was soon done.
Then they moved a bed in so Mahalia doesn’t have to sleep up in the loft bed. Bit high for her yet.
The table then got moved into the school room – that is a bonus for me, I gotta win something out of all this eh??
They spent all morning cleaning their rooms and sorting stuff.
I noticed Azzan depositing a large bag in the rubbish bin – that made me happy

So we now have 4 happy wee campers – all in their own rooms. It is really strange having only 4 small folk and each having their own rooms after all these years of juggling and sharing rooms.
The girls are now dressing up. They have on all their posh clothes and shoes etc.

So as we walk down the hall we have in the first room –
He has Hali’s old net as a tent over his desk.

Then Mahalia is the 2nd room
They all had to pose in Hali’s room in front of the wonderful horse fan that Bri brought her back from Thailand.

Seb lives in the 3rd but we won’t visit him today as he is not home.

Shanni is in the 4th and end room
The fan in the background has white herons on it. Bri chose it especially for our bird lover

Tim took Nathan, Mira & Takao out mustering sheep this arvo.
It was an interesting muster – I think slightly frustrating for Tim
I need to go pack some warm clothes.
It is looking likely that we will get some skiing in onThursday but the weather could close in later in the day.
The children are all very excited. I am getting cold just thinking about it

We are now all packed and ready to go and the skies have just opened.
It is pouring down.
Certainly having interesting weather these days.
So it is anyone’s guess as to what we will be doing on Thursday at this point.
Watch this space!

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