Thursday was a beautiful day in Motupiko.
Hard to believe we weren’t skiing.
Personally I was pleased not to be going anywhere.
I was so ready just to blob and do next to nothing.

I followed the Moov instructions to the letter and did the two girls hair.
Only found one dead critter in Hali’s hair so obviously had done a good job the night before.
Once I finished the girls they went off to play with Lydia. They spent their day between outside stuff and playing with Mahalia’s new paper dolls. The photocopied the dolls and made more clothes for them. Kept them busy all day.

Phillipa Moov-ed my hair – for which I was very grateful.
In between everything we were talking weddings and plans.
Having organised her 2 daughters weddings in the past year Phillipa is a wealth of extremely helpful information.
In fact I think she should set up business as a wedding planner

Azzan & Jacob played outside with the snowman which was still standing from the snow fall from last week.
It did actually require some propping up, but it was still enough of a snow man to keep Azzan very happy.

Then the two little barbarians dismembered it and melted it in the kitchen sink.
There was a morbid fascination in watching it all melt away under the tap

I spent a bit of time working on the computer until the signal disappeared so I couldn’t do any more.
Phillipa did a spot of gardening – her preferable place to be
It is fun to see what she is planning to do out there, but not my cup of tea. I love to enjoy gardens but I am not a gardener!

Later in the day the 4 young ones went for a walk down the hill.
Mahalia came all the way back to get food.
They were having a great time in the old bus and wanted to have a picnic there.
We never saw them again till after dark.

After dinner we watched The Cathedral’s Farewell Concert. I had bought the video several years ago and had just had it transferred onto a dvd. It was a great concert. I was very ready for bed but got a second wind after taking some panadol for my headache. So was still up when David arrived home from Christchurch around 11pm.

Friday morning I was up and packed in good time. We had breakfast and loaded up the car and were gone by 9am.
The Safari was finished so we went and transferred all our stuff to that and headed off to do some jobs.
I had a long list with times I had to stick to so I kept up a momentum and managd to accomplish quite a lot before midday.

I took the children to the Winnington’s so they could join them at gymnastics. Then I went and talked invitations with Tommy – nearly got them sussed. By this time I was pretty much caught up on everything for a while so I met Phillipa and we had an enjoyable lunch at The Suter Cafe. They have really nice food there and a lovely area to sit outside amongst the trees overlooking Queens Gardens. We chatted and talked wedding plans – again!

Too soon it was time to start running again.
I had an appointment with a lawyer that Catherine had recommended so I headed off there. A really nice guy and so helpful and reassuring. While there I met up with an old friend whom I didn’t realise was working in that practise. So it was good to catch up with him and also get double reassurance.

After that I met up with a friend at Starbucks for a coffee. Hazel is a friend who I met through Seb and she has agreed to give the children swimming lessons. The kids are really excited about it = she is too, so I hope we can swing a good number of trips to town that will work for us all. I then zipped about and did a few more things before going to collect the children. They had had a wonderful time with their friends and were not at all happy to see their mother! I finally managed to lure them away with thoughts of fish and chips for dinner. We shot down to the supermarket and then went to order dinner. They were really busy so there was a 25 min wait. So we wandered across the road to United Video to fill time and ended up coming out with a heap of hire videos.
By this time our food was ready so we headed off into the sunset munching on our fish and chips and pineapple rings. I added a bit of decadence to my dinner and had an apricot turnover. It was very yummy We had a good drive home. The children all eventually drifted off to sleep. I stayed awake listening to Marilla Ness. Haven’t had her playing for a while. But as the children always get first choice and it is always Rolf Harris, or The Carpenters or Doughnut Man….. I decided we needed a change. I was singing along with great gusto and soon found the ipod unit was sent into the front seat. I don’t think they really appreciated it as much as I did

Seb had arrivd home shortly before us. So once Tim and the children helped unpack the Safari and we had the little ones into bed, Tim and I sat and talked with Seb for a few hours. I gave Tim a very short haircut to make sure he wasn’t harbouring any varmits. I think he felt it was a bit cool for such a close shave. But as he tells me when pruning trees – they grow back very quickly!! It was 2am when we finaly hit the hay.

This morning everyone was very slow at waking. I didn’t get up till nearly 10am. Then I wandered around in my dressing gown for hours thinking that a spa might be nice. Graham came around and decided to do the chaisawing I had asked him to do. He had borrowed a chainsaw with a 5m length to it so he could reach all the trees on the bank.
It is so good now – I can see for miles!

Nathan has moved upstairs and has put out his flag
He and Tim were up on the roof doing things to the chimney.

Azzan and I finally hopped into the spa around midday while all the others got their lunch. It was rather nice to wallow in there with my book. Then I had my lunch and spent most of the afternoon making phone calls. Been a bit of a lazy day really. Tim & Nathan went up the hill to do some work – ran out of time to do the kills they had planned.

Shanni went out in the kayak to retrieve something red she could see along the beach. It was a large plastic bin.
She was pretty upset to day to discover two of her favourite budgies had died. Graham is trying to get a better cage worked out for her so she is excited about that.

We watched ‘High School Musical‘ before dinner. Azzan loves them.
He keeps trying to tell me that there is a High School Musical 3. When I queried it he covered his bases by saying that it was only in America yet
He really loves to watch the dancing. He was trying out the steps after dinner.

It has just begun to pour down with heavy rain – again!
Thankfully this time I am going to bed and have to reason or desire to be driving to town.

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  1. Love the sign and laughed at the “barbarians!”Your kids have such cute personalities.  How could they not with you as their mother?I MISS YOU RAEWYN.  I feel disconnected :(Sob, Cass

  2. Laughing about the iPod.  That would only make matters worse in our house / car.  We all have a tendency to forget not to sing along, and when no one else can hear how well your voice goes with the accompanying music…  I’m with you on the gardening.

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