Rain days

Sunday was very cruisy.
Had fellowship.
I watched The Ron Clark Story while the others played Settlers of Catan.
Wow! What an amazing guy. A story worth seeing, very inspirational.
can’t really remember much else at the mo.

Today the children were all packed up to go skiing.
Tim and Nathan killed a couple of sheep.
Tim got vehicles ready to go.
But we got word before lunch to say it was postponed again due to weather.
So everything was unpacked again.
The children played Monopoly and then cleaned up the living room.
I helped Seb type up some info.
Then the children watched the 2nd Free Willy dvd.
Great debates as to whether they were real orca or not.
Hali is convinced they were so we had big discussion about filming, graphics, robotics and stunts.

It has been raining here since early evening so a good call I think.
Tim went up to Waterfall to measure up the lawn for the wedding marquee and play with some dud lights.
Shanni helped me get dinner ready.
We had whitebait fritters – found a way better recipe tonight so they were delicious.
The three youngest all refuse to eat them so they have chipplolatas. Their loss
Nathan made a pear dessert for me. But the pears were disgusting – so we ate the yummy caramel from around them and donated the pears to the pigs.

There were arm wrestling antics at dinner tonight.
Seb & Nathan started it so we rapidly cleared the table back to prevent any breakages.
PICT7276 PICT7278
then Azzan got hauled into the centre of things
and of course Tim was in there stirring things along
Mahalia had to challenge her Daddy to a wrestle too
and once she had beaten him she took on Seb
then Azzan gave Nathan a run for his money

After dinner Tim put the children to bed and then watched ‘Dear Frankie’ with me.
A rather heart rending story.

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