Azzan staggered into my study Friday morning and the first thing he announced to me was ‘I don’t really like Anne of Green Gables. Do you know why?’
Of course I was surprised and said ‘No, why?’
He replied ‘Because she had to walk through the haunted wood and there were skeletons chasing her and she got her friend drunk.’
Good reasons I guess
I did explain that the first was her over active imagination and the 2nd was her ignorance and also her friends gluttony.
He was satisfied with that.
He has been listening the to the story on cd – I know, cuz he has it on quite loudly and I sleep across the hallway from him

Shanni and Tim set up her first possum trapping line. So she was very thrilled to have gotten her first possum. She is plucking the fur to save up for the materials to build a new bird avairy. Could take her a while at 1 a night! She needs to get 20 to make around $90.

I have begun reading the story of John Bunyan to the 4 children in the morning – after chores and before they get sidetracked in to other things. I decided it was high time we began some group/family reading again as we had gotten out of the habit of it and as well, we haven’t been doing much in the way of structured academics lately.

Nathan spent most of the morning in the vege garden – he really has taken quite a shine to it which is great. He went out and helped Tim in the afternoon.

I had plans to finish off the school room. Well, I did do a bit of book sorting, and I managed to re pile the childrens work books onto a different trolley in a better order and that was about it. Shanni got the sewing machine cranked up and made pin cushions. She is very innovative and creates from her imagination. She made Hali a pin cushion in the shape of a horses head and even drew the face on it in felts. Looks really cool.

I lay down and read my book for a while in the sun. Very theraputic and necessary to my well being at the moment. The sun and the rest!

I was intending to do some more work in the school room last night but my body wouldn’t allow me to. I climbed into bed with my book at 8:30pm. I got Azzan & Hali to help me prepare dinner. Hali loves learning to cook. Azzan peeled the carrots for me. Hali did the potatoes and I taught her to make leeks in a white sauce. Then she helped me make ‘Aunty Sandra’s Quick Steamed Pudding’. She was very proud to have made dinner

Today, I was up early and in the spa. It is really nice reclining out there in the early peaceful morning soaking with a good book – total bliss Sandra called to say she wasn’t going fishing so I got organised to go visiting today.
I don’t get around to see her very often, in fact I realised I hadn’t been since last Nov. Shocking state of affairs – she is my closest neighbour. Anyway, the kids decided who they wanted to spend the day with. Tim was going out spraying weeds with the 2 boys. Shanni decided she was going with Dad. The other 2 came with me.

Hali & Azzan were doing the dishes. They knew I was tired and couldn’t stand much noise. There was an interesting conversation after I asked Azzan to be quieter.
Hali – ‘Just be quiet like you had to be at Granny’s’.
Azzan – ‘But that was Granny not Mum.’
Hali – ‘Old people can’t handle noise Azzan.’

By the time I had hung the washing, made muffins, booked Cat’s plane tickets, talked to a friend on the phone, and scooted around getting ready it was about 10:30am. So I hopped in the Terrano with the 2 young’uns and was ready to head off up the hill. Only to find Tim and co were still getting ready to leave themselves and they were blocking the exit route.
Seb was filling the cans with water while Tim was gathering up stuff.
Shanni decided that Jynx should go too….
unfortunately, once they got up to Buka Point Jynx decided to take off and hasn’t found his way home yet. Shanni is not in the least worried, so I do hope he has a good sense of direction!

Finally they were all ready and they headed off with us on their tail.
We soon passed them and left them in our dust.

It was a beautiful day – spectacular views at the top. The air was still very cold despite the sun.

We spent the rest of the day with Sandra and her wee grand daughter – 7week old Emma. She is a real wee cutie who is giving her Mum & Dad a real hard time and limiting their sleep time to less than ideal so her Grandma is enjoying giving them a break.
Azzan thought she was pretty cool too. He is rather keen on babies.

I had a good rummage through Sandra’s Mary Kay samples and chose some cool lipsticks. Best part was that some of them were on sale – I am not a make up person so it was fun to have time and space to try some on. Then we had a hand cleanse – of course the children had to be in on that too.

Finally left after 4pm and cruised off home. It had gotten really chilly. The guys had only been home an hour or so when we arrived at 5pm. Nathan had dinner underway. I was so tired and cold I wrapped up in a blanket and lay down on the sofa in front of the fire and read my book. Nathan came in and found me sleeping. Shanni got the washing in, Seb folded it all up and put it away and we finally had dinner around 7pm. Bri called up for a chat and I was sitting there talking to her and munching on a mutton chop when all of a sudden I realised my front tooth had broken So now I guess I really will have to make an appointment to see the dentist. Haven’t spent any time with him lately so I guess this tooth is telling me I need to. Bother it! Could do without the expense of it right now. Have to take Seb to town on Tuesday so will try and get an emergency appointment then.

For now though, I am going to go find my book and head off to bed.
My nose is running tonight and I have been sneezing – hope I am not coming down with another head cold

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