Shanni is Eleven today.

Eleven years ago a beautiful baby girl arrived in our house at 7:48pm on a Saturday night.
Our lives have not been the same since

Shanni came in to see us at her normal bright and early time of the day and announced that ‘today is my birthday’.

She has been enjoying herself all day since.

Everyone has pitched in throughout the day to help me get her birthday dinner ready.
Nathan prepared the chicken casserole and did a heap of other chores before going out mustering with Tim this morning.
Seb & his friend Josh went out and got the net in. It was full of spikey sharks so it took them ages to get it cleaned.
Once that was done Seb did his part on the list of duties. Cleaned the bathroom and did some vege prep.
After lunch Tim took the 3 guys mustering cattle. There is a sale coming up next week so he has to get them in for the truck.

Mahalia & Azzan peeled and chopped carrots and cleaned up Sylvania.
It is moving upstairs.
We had visitors while we were in town and while he and Tim were chatting the wee visitor trashed Sylvania
So as summer is approaching bringing more visitors we decided it would be safer to move it upstairs where the children can be more discerning as to who plays with it.

Shanni got the table set for her dinner.
She decided the table needed to be bigger so she added the extension and chose the special green and gold birthday table cloth.

It was a beautiful day today.
Calm and clear and sunny.
I sat out in the sun for a while after lunch and soaked up my Vitamin D rations.
Tonight the evening colours were so lovely – mirrored in the calm water.

Shanni called Jesika for a chat. So we all got to talk with her which was nice.
Poor Jesika though – she had her ear to the phone for 2 hours whereas we were changing ears between us.
Bri called Shanni too. That was a shorter conversation cuz Bri was on her way to work.

Azzan & Mahalia blew up balloons.
Mahalia was most excited cuz she blew up the balloon and tied it herself for the very first time!!

Azzan had so much fun.
He put wee stones inside his to make them rattle.
He attached two to his big toes and flapped around with them.
He had hilarious fun making them fart
‘Why did people invent balloons?’ he asked me.
‘Is it so we can have fun?’

Next Azzan question…
‘Is it true that plain stuff is sensible?’
After which we wandered about commenting about things being ‘plain and sensible’.

The guys got home late so dinner was ready to go as soon as they were.

We had a sumptuous dinner of chicken casserole, roast swede and parsnip, mashed carrot & parsley, green beans and rice with garlic bread.
Shanni was very happy with her dinner – all her favourite things.

Then it was time for the presents.

There was many comments from Nathan wondering if he would be getting the same amount of presents.
I tried to explain that size and equality don’t always match

After the DK Bird book/folder, which she was extremely thrilled to get,
came two matching boxes – containing …………

Bramble Department Store

Of course there are always plenty of helpers around when it is present opening time.
It is just too exciting for words watching a big sister open her treasures

Ohhhh! The Lego ship. Just what I always wanted.

So many tiny parts to the Department store – don’t think this one will be up in the attic.

Then it was time for the cake and desert.
Carrot cake with strawberries and Ambrosia – YUM to the max!
They were all so full that they turned down ice-cream.
Seb collapsed on the couch with such a sore full tummy!

Thanks for having an 11th birthday Shoshannah – we love you  

8 thoughts on “Shanni is Eleven today.

  1. @KirbysWyfe - swede is a root vegetable sorta like turnip but bigger, sweeter, yellow and way nicer. I believe you might call them rutabagaThey are delicious in soup, I dice them and boil with carrots, I also mash them with or without carrots, and I roast wedges of them. When fresh they are delicious to eat as sticks like carrot sticks.

  2. It looks like your birthday girl had a wonderful day. She looks so happy with her dinner and her presents. I love how your children help you out with the cooking. I also loved the pictures of here when she was just a baby, very nice  :o)Kelly

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