A sunny chilled out Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day today.
Gotta make the most of them cuz the pattern lately has been a sunny day followed by several wet yucky days.

The girls spent most of their day doing this…



Azzan spent most of his day worrying about his tooth.
It is the first natural loose tooth and it was paining him somewhat.
He came running into me this morning saying he just had to go outside cuz his tooth was falling out!!

At lunch time he was having problems eating.
I had made him a toasted cheese bagel but he couldn’t eat it.

Then all was good and happy
His tooth had come out
You will note that he has 3 teeth missing.
The two top ones were smashed out just a week before I went to America 2 years ago.
So with three missing now he is a real wee pirate!

So, after loosing his tooth he could eat again.
He sat out in the sun with his daddy and ate a toasted bagel.

Seb & Josh spent the morning working on Seb’s car. Josh brought it in yesterday and something has gone seriously wrong with it. It won’t go

So as with all things that won’t go, you leave them with the bonnet up to catch the sun and you go out fishing!
In the hopes that when you return they will miraculously have worked out the problem

I spent most of the morning working on the computer.
Then this arvo I have gotten the prototype made of my collaborative skinny book page.
I have to make 14 pages and am well under way now.
Won’t take long to get them finished.

Azzan & Hali watched ‘The Little Convict’ before dinner.
It is one of the 3 very old Australian animated movies I had for the older children that I have just had put on to dvd so Azzan has been busting to watch it.
We had a Sunday nights tea – left overs and fried fish.
Once again there was a great deal of testosterone being released at the end of the meal.
Tim had found a cigarette lighter of Nathan’s.
Nathan said it didn’t work.
So Tim tried it out on Nathan.
It worked!!
That sure made Nathan jump
Then Tim suggested to Seb as he was chasing Nathan around the table that a lighter sure makes Nate react so they were into it!!

Shanni gave me my daily massage tonight after dinner.
She gives me a 10min massage each day and gets paid $2 for it.
She is saving hard for something.
She hasn’t figured out what yet.
But she got money form her b’day from Granny and Bri so she has a good stash to go towards something when she gets to Christchurch next week.

The two guys are in the spa so it looks like Tim and I won’t get our spa tonight.
So instead it is off to bed with the anticipation of an early morning cattle muster for the blokes.
If they are up early I might just get to do some of my pages before the children rise – yeah right!

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