Another sunny Monday

The guys headed off cattle mustering about 6:30am.
I got up and had a spa with Azzan.
Then we got stuck in and tidied the house.
The girls did really well.
Shanni vacuumed and rearranged the living area and then asked if she could vacuum the whole house.
Well! Who am I to turn down a request like that
Mahalia swept the hall and dried dishes.
Azzan washed the dishes.
He did good
I am trying to get him into the habit of helping and am pushing him along to extend his domestic skills.
As the youngest and a boy there is every good reason/chance that he will be deprived of these skills if we are not diligent in persuading him of their necessity. And encouraging him to realise that he ‘can’ do these things.
He argues like nothing before he does them but once I put my foot down and he actually gets on with them he is quite a happy wee chappy during the doing of them.

I hung out the washing and then tonight Nathan folded it up today’s and yesterday’s (which had gotten left on the line overnight because no-one thought to bring it in) washing and got it to it’s rightful destinations.

The girls have moved Sylvania into the school room. It has a place on the large mat so as long as it stays in that area I will be happy. I much prefer to have it down stairs cuz some pieces are so tiny that I am worried they will get lost up in the attic.

Shanni mixed up a yucky mix out of old newspapers, water and paint today and then made green paper with our paper making kit. She had heaps of fun doing that. Yesterday she did some flax weaving, she really is never not busy that girl. I have been getting a blow by blow account of her birds doings – even the fact that her doves were mating. So she is now planning on how much she could sell the progeny for!

I was most impressed with Mahalia’s writing skills today.
She was writing a letter and she did most of it herself without any prompting from me.
Her spelling has come along remarkably considering I haven’t taught her.
She just seems to be at a blooming patch – it’s great.

Seb & Josh spent the afternoon working on Seb’s car.
There was a burnt out fuse but it was really difficult to find.
They had wires everywhere and were getting rather concerned as they both have to be out in Havelock for work tomorrow.
Tim helped them and they finally got some life into the engine around 5pm.

I worked on my collaborative book pages and got heaps done to them.
I am enjoying listening to some cd’s of Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy Ministries. I just love his Tennessee accent – it is so different to ours. He is also a really good Bible teacher. Speaks plain and gives it straight but has a delightful sense of humour too.

Dinner prep was easy tonight.
I made a stir fried goulash with steak, bacon, lentils, capsicum, tomatoes and onions with garam masala and cumin.
It was delicious with brown rice.

Tim & Nathan went up the hill to do more cattle work later this arvo.
Before they left Nathan modelled his suit of armour he has been making up in the workshop over the past few days.
He has recycled some fire place metal and used leather thonging to lace it up with.
Most impressive and very scary
I think Tim should’ve had some on because he came back with a bruised leg – again!
Every year when he works the cattle he ends up getting booted by a beast.

Seb & Josh had a quick bite to eat and then headed off to town.
I managed to get Seb’s co-operation in filling out his Navy applications before he left
Seb is staying with Granny tonight and she will run him through to work tomorrow.
Josh is going to be looking after Seb’s car for him while he cannot drive.
I do hope Josh hasn’t landed himself a liability!!

I was helping Shanni with her blog tonight.
She has so many photos to load it is going to take a while.
She wants to catch up on the past 6 months!!
I will let you know when she has it all loaded.

3 thoughts on “Another sunny Monday

  1. @KirbysWyfe - I have Tim sitting right beside me so I am squizzing him re the gen on what Nathan used to make his armour.He used the copper shields off a Visor fireplace.They were used around NZ about 30 years ago, but were real wood scoffers so went out of fashion very quickly. They were a very basic free standing open wood fire. A metal box with a large chimney with a copper tent shaped decorative shield around 3/4 of it.  All the heat just roared up the chimney with no control baffles to keep the heat in the room.I have been searching the net for a pic of one but as I cannot find any it goes to show how popular they were - not-!!Tim said they were a worthless heap of junk!So that is why Nathan got to have so much copper to play with

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