Happy Birthday Tim

On a Saturday back in 1949 Constance gave birth to a strapping wee lad.
His name – Timothy.

Wasn’t he just the cutest wee fella

Back in them days photos were a commodity not to be used excessively so the photos of young Tim are not many.
I just love this one of him with his sister, Lorraine and his mother, Constance.

I also see much of our lads in the one of him playing on the beach.
In fact the same beach that our children play on today.

This is the young man that I fell in love with 37 years ago.

I guess it was those legs that did it for me

He held the Hopai Sports wood splitting cup for several years.
He ALWAYS chopped in bare feet!
Even the standing chop – and yes, he still has all his toes.

And this is the man that I  love even more today than way back then.
He is such a great father and a very loving and patient husband.
He puts up with so much from this crazy woman he married.
He never thinks of himself.
In fact today he had totally forgotten it was his birthday.
Because, as he says, he had more important things on his mind.

Happy Birthday Timmy
**********************************I love you this much**********************************

We are planning a big love feast for him tonight – shhhh, don’t tell him – it is a surprise.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tim

  1. hmmm, Happy Birthday! Interesting his mother’s name is Constance, I have a niece who is 1 year this month whose name is Constance. Otherwise, you really don’t hear the name any more.I enjoyed the pictures… bare toes sounds like my brothers.

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