The official launch of the trailer.

Today was THE big day.
Tim bought a boat trailer from a neighbour on the 23 September 2007.
It has been a l-o-n-g process getting it dismantled and brought around here and then the rebuilding to fit and be strong enough for our boat.
Today was the culmination of nearly a year’s work.

I was busy in the house when I all of a sudden realised what was happening.
The children had kayaked around to watch.
So I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.
When I arrived on the scene the trailer was in the water.
88 South was waiting nearby beside the PL3.
There was a stranded wee crew member anxiously running back and forth on the dive board.
She was very pleased when Tim & Nathan zoomed up

The children were playing about while all was happening.
That is one thing I love about Tim.
He never stresses when the children are wanting to be a part of everything.
He just lets them be there.

Here comes the boat, sizing up the trailer.

Getting it sitting right and tying it on securely

Then came the slow tow.
It took quite a while cuz they had to keep stopping to make sure it was all safe and not tipping etc.

Then there was a low hanging branch that had to be chopped down cuz it was threatening the aerials.
Nathan attacked it with a tomahawk but it needed more so Tim walked back home to get the chain-saw.
That was when I gave up watching and walked home.

I did take a heap more photos but I won’t bore you with the blow by blow account of it’s trundle up the beach – it took quite a while

All this time I had a great birds-eye view of the proceedings.
I was sitting on the step hillside below a gnarly old grand-daddy pine tree beside a waterfall.
There was also the remains of another stump across the gully – I love the pattern the roots have made.

Mahalia must have been thirsty

Azzan had been playing on the hillside and was picking wild plants which he presented to Hali as she kayaked in

Then Hali saw me and next thing she was hooning up the hillside to greet me

Shanni & Azzan were wandering along the road quite oblivious to my presence
When Hali and I started walking home there was quite a conversation about forests and living in them.
I assured Azzan that I had grown up in forests and that I was actually a Sylvanian at heart

The girls took the kayak home and Azzan chattered along with me.
When we got home he presented me with these
‘I gave you them so you can remember what the forest was like when you were young.’

Of course he was hungry so I let him have the remains of some biscuits in a bag.
I told him to make sure the bag was brought in to the rubbish bin.

‘Why? Is it because we want Port Ligar to be beautiful?’

After lunch the children dragged all the kitchen chairs and most of Azzan’s bedding out onto the decking.
Apparently Shanni was the queen and the other her courtiers

She really was getting the queenly treatment too – a full massage from Mahalia

I was inside watching one of my new art dvd’s.
‘Retro Rags Workshop: Funky Fabric Books’ by Traci Bautista
It was really good.
I am really looking forward to getting back from Christchurch so I can have some play time.
Anyway, Azzan came running in to tell me that Shanni was getting some boobies-!!
Who would have little brothers
She was quite innocently enjoying her massage and not in the slightest bit worried about that news broadcast!

Tim and Nathan have been hard at it all day.
Once they got eh boat up and had lunch they then went back and water-blasted it’s bottom.
It had a real good growth of mussels, oysters and sea squirts and a multitude of other unidentifiable stuff on it.

Then after that they headed off out to do two musters in preparation for the final cattle muster tomorrow before the truck arrives.

I worked on the accounts all afternoon.
Re-filed the old ones and began the new years folders, filed all the loose paper work and then finished the gst. Emailed it to the accountant and am now waiting for confirmation that all is good so I can file with the IRD.
Feels good

Dinner was very easy tonight – same as last night except pasta instead of rice.
The children and I watched a couple of episodes of ‘The Waltons’.
They really are timeless.

The two guys arrived home late and very tired.
I guess Nathan is one of the men now – Mahalia was heard to say today – ‘The men are out mustering.’

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