Nathan, Hali & Azzan all pitched in to get the veges prepared for dinner.
Shanni was busy doing her birds and cleaning the large cage in preparation for her new parrot she is getting when we come back from Chch.

Mahalia got herself busy cleaning up around the sheds.
She did a brilliant job.
Only thing was, I had asked her to clean the Safari in readyness for our impending trip.
For some reason that job didn’t appeal and yet it would’ve been far easier.
Shannie was by then cleaning out her bird houses.
Azzan was sposed to be helping but he caused more ructions than was good for him – and me!
They eventually got everything clean and tidy.

Tim and Nathan were away doing some more mustering this morning – getting the cattle in for the truck.

While I was getting lunch there was some rather interesting conversations…..

Azzan – ‘Why do bananas grow in big bunches?’
Me – ‘Because that’s the way God made them to grow.’

Azzan – ‘ I bet they didn’t grow like that in Eden.
Cuz they wouldn’t be in big bunches to be greedy.
And if they had to pick big bunches they would get rotten.’

While I was making pancakes for lunch at Azzan’s suggestion – in one breath…..’When were pancakes invented, how long has ice cream been in the world and how come the Bible ends?’

‘You and others keep talking about philosophy.
Is it something you play with?’

We had pancakes for lunch – a bit of a birthday treat – although Tim didn’t have any.
The rest of the gannets devoured them.

Azzan keeps asking ‘how long till my birthday?’
Today I showed him on the calendar that it is exactly 3 weeks.
But he sadly said, ‘It was only 3 1/2 weeks before.’
I had to then explain to him that 3 1/2 is actually longer than 3 – he had it a bit confused in his wee brain.

The truck finally came in about 3pm.
I told Tim he HAD to take ALL the children with him.
I had had enough of noise and chatter.

I love them all dearly but it was getting on my nerves.
Shanni is a very chatty young lady and full of –
‘Guess what?’
‘Do you know….?’
‘My birdies are doing….’
‘I can do this….I am so terrific…..’
It is never ceasing. Mostly I can cope with it all but today – no

I so wanted to get my art pages finished today but I ended up getting the gst finalised and then had to do the online thing and then pay the bills.
No wonder I am tired tonight.

I have managed to get about 8 or 9 of the pages completed.
I will do the rest in the morning.
That should give the paint time to dry before I have to pack them up to post.

We had a very delicious birthday dinner in honour of Tim’s birthday.
Graham arrived in from town just in time to join us.
He loves a roast so we had a roast of beef cooking in the wood oven all day.
It was melt in your mouth stuff.
Plus we had roast kumara, potatoes, pumpkin, mashed carrots with parsley and leeks in a cheese sauce.
I couldn’t get anyone to co-operate for a decent photo so I got hem to all pull faces – that worked

We were sooooooooo full.
But we had to have dessert.
It was a steamed pudding which sufficed for the cake.

Of course with Daddy getting to be so old he needs all the help he can get with blowing out the candles

I gave him a gorgeous wee book by Thomas Kinkade especially for Fathers.
I was most impressed, he recognised the paintings and artist immediately.

Graham bought in the children’s present to Daddy – 2 Meyer lemon trees – but they are packed in his truck so Tim will get them tomorrow. Graham gave him a set of 5 or 6 tape measures. It is now anyone’s guess as to how long Tim can retain ownership of them all!!

Did you notice the attention Nathan was paying to his father and the celebrations going on around him?
He had his nose in the encyclopaedia for the whole duration

It is now after 11pm.
Way past my bedtime so I am off to catch a few zeds.

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