Sun, rain and more rain.

Today we packed.
It should be relatively routine by now – you’d think
But what makes it hard is that –
No1. Shanni NEVER wants to go to town so she gets very difficult and doesn’t want to so conveniently forgets what she is supposed to do and turns into an even worse scatterbrain than normal.
No2. they all go nuts. When I am needing to get things done they go totally mental. It is like they all of a sudden swallow bizzy tizzy pills-!!
No3. They all find other things to do that are by far way more important to do.

At one stage Shanni had library books all over the floor – she was sorting the ones to go back. Then while they were all spread everywhere she got all her clothes out so there were piles of clothes mixed with the books.
Then she disappears – I find her sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor intent on untangling the chain of a necklace.

Anyway, they eventually got it all done.

I managed to get the last of the pages done for the book I have been working on.
I decided that it was time I got brave and allowed you to see my art corner.
It really feels a bit like a cave.
It is now in the back corner of our bedroom.
It is dark and cold so on sunny days I don’t feel inclined to work.
But I have a heater and lights now thanks to Cat. Before she left she hopped up into the attic and put an extension through for me. It hangs right in my line of site so I have had to tape a shade to it-!!



Did I also mention that it is a mess – but it is mine so it’s cool and mostly I know where things are


Here is one of the finished pages – the topic is ‘Over the Rainbow’ – we were instructed to let loose with colour, so I did. I sorta based it around the Kotoku – our native heron. They are all basically the same so I won’t bore you with more than one. It is called a skinny book cuz it is a tall and skinny page as opposed to the chunky fat books which are more square. It is the first time I have worked on one this size and shape – it was quite tricky to get it sussed to begin with.


Now I have to get all 14 pages over to Seattle and it they will be bound along with 13 others pages into 14 books and I will get one book back.

Once I got those pages finished and the children had disappeared I blobbed out and tiddled around with some of the left overs and made a few more cards.

PICT7561 PICT7562 PICT7569 PICT7570


While I was working in my messy corner Nathan came to show me what he has been making today.

PICT7550 PICT7552

Pretty impressive eh?

Tim went out planting lucerne trees this arvo.
When he got home he came to visit me for a chat when all of a sudden we were invaded



Dinner was late tonight – not too sure why.
Everyone was busy doing whatever.
The girls had found a weka nest so were intent on making a trap for the weka babies.

It started raining again later this afternoon.
I am not really looking forward to driving tomorrow morning
Graham had a pretty hairy drive in last night, roads are not great – really slippery and skiddy.

Nathan & Shanni gave Graham the animal feeding regimes, then we talked about the new bird aviary and it’s plan, and then they unpacked the b’day pressies from his trailer.
Tonight Tim was presented with the children’s present – well one of them – they are the same so only one was brought inside.


Two Meyer lemon trees.
Our old Meyer died a few years back so it will be good to have some replacements.

Tim has just gone to get the Safari so we can pack it up tonight.
I want to head off around 6:30am so the children will have tome for music lessons on the way out.

Not sure if I will have computer access while I am away so if not I will be back in a week or so.

8 thoughts on “Sun, rain and more rain.

  1. We are properly impressed with Nathan’s work.  Kendric: “Wow.”  My boys are still making swords / knives / daggers out of Legos — they’re getting pretty elaborate, but The Real Thing is so much more impressive.  Way to go Nathan!I love the green of the room he’s standing in… and the bedcover… and (!) the built in bookcase.  How beautiful.

  2. @KirbysWyfe - It is our bedroom and I love the green too I got the paint to match a tine piece of the curtains I had chosen and then the red quilt cover to match them as well. When we first moved into the home the ceiling was a quiet dull green and I was told by the older relatives that green is a calming colour – so maybe the best colour for our bedroom, as it is my escape from the rest of the craziness!!!The bookcase was built in there when we removed an external door. The room originally was the lounge. The house was built in the 1880’s so there has been a lot of chopping and changing over the years. The door went out on the the verandah and when we snaggled a bit of the verandah to build my study we took out the door and I asked to have the bookcase built in the hole. There are never enough bookcases in our house! You can see the study door behind Nathan – it used to lead straight out onto the verandah and down the steps to the path that continues down to the wharf – the main approach back then before the road came here. The door that was there before is now our backdoor – you can see it in photos at the kitchen table behind Tim when he is blowing out his candles.I am sure your boys will get to the real thing soon enough – make the most of the lego ones, they are not quite as lethal  

  3. a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind! :)please share how nathan made that sword/knife- my benjamin and parker would love to do that.  they are both very into medieval times.

  4. If I haven’t said it yet, that profile picture of you is my very favorite!I loooooooooooove your cards!  All rock but that first one is amazing.  TRUE ART!I’m struggling to read your blog.  I think it’s my computer.  The pics are easy to see and all is loading fine now but the writing is so very tiny I can barely read it.  It’s the same way for me when I’m writing my blog posts.  So it is either Xanga or more likely, some setting on MY Computer!!!!!!!!!Love you! Cass

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