A 21st birthday!!

Saturday night we celebrated Adam’s 21st birthday.

Mahalia gave him lots of massages and cuddles

Skadi had made Black Forest dessert with caramel cream

I made a carrot cake and Shanni loaded it with lots of candles in the shape of an ‘A’.

I just love catching the onlookers in the act of blowing.
It seems to be something that is instinctive!

Whew! Must have been a lot of candles – we were getting smoked out.

Happy Birthday Adam – many Kiwi greetings to you on your special day

Leeann, Cat & Seb packed up fish from the days fishing.
There was a nice amount caught – and all legally outside the banned area, which includes our bay.
The girls also got a small crayfish but realised later that it had been left in the live bait tank – duh!

I had taken advantage of the fisher people’s absence to put my feet up and have a relaxing afternoon.
I watched the final three episodes of ‘Mansfield Park’.
It was really good.
I was able to do my knee exercises at the same time – so made quality use of my time

Unfortunately by the time the fisherfolk arrived home my neck was feeling really outa sorts and I was brewing a headache.

Shanni gave me a bit of a massage but it didn’t do too much good.
At dinner Leeann felt the lump at my C2 vertebrae and decided I needed a decent massage.
So after dinner I sat for ages while she massaged my neck and shoulder.

It felt so good.
But as the evening wore on I felt worser and worser.
I guess I was over tired as well.
I had had two day trips to town in the past week and the driving really creates havoc in my neck.
I was trying not to have to take any painkillers.

By the time Cat, Seb & Leeann had their spa and Tim had put the kids to bed I was curled up on our bed feeling really dreadful.
I finally decided I needed to take some Panadol.
I struggled out to the spa to join Tim but I just felt so bad.
Tim almost had to lift me out, I thought I was going to vomit.
So I curled up in bed finally got to sleep.

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