A Sunday Show

While Josie has been here the little children have been planning and scheming a show.
They were most put out that they couldn’t do it on Sat night – but we rescheduled it for Sunday afternoon.
We worked the time to fit in with Jack’s lunch time sleep

We had fellowship in the morning.
Herbie had arrived late the night before so we had a nice number with him and Graham there.
Cat & Seb joined us too.

Then it was lunch time I lay down on the sofa in the sunshine and tried to read my book.
But it was too heavy and I kept on falling asleep.
Tracey arrived around with the children so we chatted while the girls got the stage ready.
But the time it was all sorted and we were ushered out the sun had gone and we needed out jackets.

The seats were quite expensive – Andrew had the best view – his ticket was priceless

And then it was show time…….

It was quite a show, very random in fact.
The children enjoyed themselves.

Josie found it all a bit much and retired to her mother’s lap after the first number!

This was a joke telling session – Hali was asking the jokes in a loud American accent and Azzan was replying in giggles – so not a lot of it was audible to the audience!

There was a lot of lip synching and some very interesting dancing.
Azzan really was in his element – obviously he has been sussing steps from ‘Cats’ and our Irish dvd’s! 

If I had a faster connection I would load the video – it was priceless
Mahalia was doing really well, and was dancing amongst the audience when she turned to skip back up the steps she slipped and did herself quite an injury – she very quickly picked herself up and ran out of sight and declared very loudly to Shanni that she wasn’t doing that ever again-!!
Her doting Dad went and administered an ice pack on her shin.
The rest of us endured the rest of the show


There were only three left watching when they heard Azzan say- ‘The last one left gets to see out show tomorrow for free.’
There was a fast exodus and only was Herbie left!!

Azzan has just come and told me – ‘How come you took pictures of our show?’
‘Didn’t you know that cameras were invertebrated?’
‘That means you are not allowed it.’
‘But seeing as you have already taken them it is toolate to worry now so you can take them.’

We then said our farewells to the Sparrow’s as they had to leave this morning.
Adam swam out to the boat to get the crayfish, Skadi & Shanni went part of the way and then they all hopped into the spa with Azzan.
I have a feeling the water wasn’t too tropical!

After dinner I watched ‘The Graduate’.
Have heard about it over the years and know the music but never seen it.
I found it in the library and decided it was time.
It was quite unusual to say the least and the audience numbers dropped off quite quickly.
I watched it to the end and from the weird beginning it turned into an hilarious ending

I was really wanting to get off to bed but spent the following hour or so having an altercation with Seb.
Sometimes being a parent is just too much
I can really sympathise with God when I have to deal with my kids – He must totally despair of His children,

One thought on “A Sunday Show

  1. Hi thanks for the comment! Ya i seem to manage to find things to do! Looks like your children are busy having fun 😛 Azzan looks like he would get along really well with Joel, He is our baby of the family and man you can tell 😛 

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