Schools in – for now!

I have managed to get things back into gear around here.
We started school this week and have managed to get two days in so far – and it has all gone well.

Monday Shanni & Nathan got their maths books out. Both struck problems.
Nathan with fractions and Shanni – well, just cuz it was maths

So I got out the Pizza Fraction Fun game I had bought a few months ago and they had a ball playing that for an hour.

Azzan got a bit annoyed with having to swap pieces when he didn’t want to and decided to give all his wedges back one at a time so he rigged the dial accordingly!
It’s a great game I would heartily recommend it

Anson called up from Oz in the midst of it which was a bit disruptive.
Hadn’t talked with him in a while so it was good to catch up.

We began our unit study on Shakespeare.
The children really enjoy unit studies.
Shanni just loves to be creative so it is no problem to her to present an interesting page.
Nathan is getting creative in his presentation too which is lovely to see.
We looked at his beginnings in the village of Stratford-upon-Avon.

We got dinner ready and the chores done before school, it is the way I have to work – can’t bear doing it afterwards. So we are always ‘late’ getting into the academics. But who cares? We always work way past lunch so we get it done sometime!

Skadi got stuck into weeding the rock garden.

It desperately needed help.

Tim took Adam, Herb & Seb out mustering all morning.
Then in the afternoon they all went out scalloping.
We had fresh scallops for dinner – yum!

Today Herb left just after 8, took Seb out with him as he has to start work tomorrow morning.

Skadi & I rallied around, got dinner ready and did the chores while the children began their maths.
Nathan did well, Mahalia did heaps, I didn’t even bother with Shanni today, she wrote stories

Once that was all done we went down to the school room and tackled Shakespeare again.
We got onto the Bubonic Plague today.
Did you know??
The year Shakespeare was born, approx 1/6th of his villages population died from the plague.
The year before 80,000 died in London from it.

So we are most fortunate today that William survived to enrich our lives.
And it was all probably because his mother kept sweet smelling pomanders and springs of rosemary near him to ward off the foul stinking aire!!

Azzan decided he did not want to get dressed to day.
So he stayed in his pj’s all day – his older sister gave him beans about it every time she saw him.
But I figured there was nothing wrong in staying in them so I sided with him.
He had a spa before dinner and changed from his green ones into his orange ones for tonight.
And Cat didn’t even realise he had changed!!
She must be colour blind

Skadi got back into the garden – it is looking much better but lots of gaps to fill now.
Tim & Adam went out grubbing weeds this morning.
We all sat out on the deck for lunch.
It was so lovely to sit in the sun.
Nathan caught us relaxing.

After lunch Tim, Adam & Nathan spent the rest of the arvo conditioning mussel ropes. The wind had come up so cooled the place down a bit.
I spent most of the afternoon sorting papers – I have to get a heap of titles and licences photocopied for our accountant.
Cat made pumpkin pie – it was delicious
I am back on my Curves diet again – but Cat and I decided that as pumpkin is a vegetable it is kosher as is the eggs and butter as it is all high protein – so I had a small inside piece without too much pastry and while the others had theirs with ice cream, I had mine with natural yoghurt – it was supurb!

Tim, Cat & Shanni went mustering after dinner – they have only just returned.
Looks like there will be sheep trucking out next week so Tim is trying to get them all sorted and ready.
Shanni was full of her exploits when she got home.
She always has lots to tell me, it was all about a lamb she caught tonight that went to sleep in her arms. Usually it is about her birds.
She is always so enthusiastic about life – well, about everything except maths

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