Today Tim & Adam went off up the hills again to grub weeds.
It was a day that could’ve gone either way – turned out lovely or turned to custard.
It decided to stay nice.
I had a bit of a job getting the children into the school room this morning.
Once there we tackled family trees.
I had Shakespeare’s family tree so from that we devised our own one and the children spent the morning drawing them.
Took a while and there were some rather random results – glad that we are not listed historians

Skadi spent the morning peeling gallons of apples to stew up for breakfasts and make Tim’s requested Apple Crumble for dessert.

After lunch they all loaded on board the boat to take Cat & Leeann out diving – Leeann has to leave tomorrow.
So they fished, and scalloped and dived.
They didn’t get back till about 8pm so dinner was VERY late.

I wasted too much time loading photos on Facebook
So I had a quick scurry to put dinner on, Shanni was here so she helped get the fires going etc.

It is now late so I am off to bed as I have to be up before 5am.
Nathan & I are heading to Nelson for a couple of days.
Will load photos when I come back cuz Tim’s got the electric fence on and the internet connection is snail slow tonight.

My main news of the day is……
…..I got a phone call from the Education Review Office today – and – Yes! You got it!!
We are being reviewed on December the 11th.
It is exactly 10 years since our last review so I guess it is a bit overdue – not that I was at all worried – and I am still not worried.
After all these years I figure I must be doing something sorta right – no point is stressing about it

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