A wild and stormy day

Tim & Cat took off before 7am to help Graham load and pull several trailer loads of timber up the hill before it rained.
I hopped in the spa and then a bit of a gentle rain began.
I quickly brought all the outside chairs in from the rain and headed out to the kitchen to start the day.

The power went off just after we had breakfast so we just pottered about for awhile till it came back on.
Then I decided that we should start watching some of our Shakespearean movies.
Nathan & I had found a heap of dvd’s at the video hire shop yesterday.
Including ‘Kiss Me Kate’.
So of course that was the one we watched.
Couldn’t cope with anything too heavy today-!!
It was funny though cuz the children got a bit annoyed with all the back stage story and just wanted to see ‘The Taming of The Shrew’!! We will get that next time, it had been hired out just before we got to the shop, bother it!

Graham has headed south for a few weeks to help out his daughter after her big op.
Cat & Pei Lin are working down in the shed on several projects that Cat is trying to get done before leaving tomorrow.

Azzan decided that he would like to make some dough as it was raining and dough making was a good thing to do on a wet day.
So Shanni mixed up some interesting sweet pizza dough and he was very happy to create, cook and eat it all

It is now pouring with rain, the bay is totally closed in and it is blowing a gale.
A good stormy day to stay inside by the fire.
So what did I just see a few moments ago – two little people walking past my study window in their rain jackets-!!

The children are now all up in the attic – not quite sure what’s happening up there.
Azzan has turned the living room into a toy shop.

Bri gave Zan a voice changer toy for a late b’day pressie.
So he is having a lot of fun today talking to us through it.

The rain is really pouring down now – it is turning into a right royal humdinger of a storm.
Glad I’m not out in a boat right now!!

I think I might just go get dinner ready just in case we get another power cut.

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