Sunday catch-up

The past few days have been very long.
I know that.
That is why I can barely open my eyes today.

Thursday morning we continued with our clean up and then got into the school room.
Not really entirely sure what we did.
I do know that over the couple of days that we were in there we read the story that pre-empted The Merchant of Venice – ‘A Bargain is a Bargain’.
We have also watched ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.
We have done some maths and reading.
We also made pomander balls from limes and cloves.

They are now rolled in spices and sitting on the window sill in the sun to dry for a while before we add ribbons and lace. It was a hit project. The children really enjoyed doing them. Nate and Shanni both made two.

Tim took the troops out mustering late one afternoon.
It was a big muster.
It was a beautiful day

But it turned really cold and they got back very late.
I was glad to see Tim had given Mahalia some extra clothing as she has a bark like a dog right now.

The mailboat arrived Friday – it was a lovely day and Azzan was there to meet it.

Home sweet home from the wharf.

Shanni tried on her new dress.
It is not quite finished but she loves it.

Mark arrived from Wales bringing his wife with him.
He visited us in Feb 1987 when he was a lad doing his gap year.
We met up in the UK 10 years ago – he was still a shy single farmer.

He married Polly 4 years ago and had to bring her to NZ on a belated honeymoon.
It has been lovely spending time with them both pover the past few days.

Azzan has enjoyed them too.

They are quite normal despite the scary faces!!
They have been enjoying doing lots of walking around the farm.

Herbie arrived with a group of guys for the weekend too.
Tim took them all out fishing on Fri & Sat.
The weather was pretty yuck Sat but they still enjoyed themselves.
Then Herbie cracked the whip and got his slaves working on the Waterfall track.
There were a few trees down so they have cleared them away and made it more user friendly.

Tim was pleased to hear rain yesterday.
It was heavy but gentle and very needed.
The guys cleaned up and most left after breakfast.
It was great to catch up with Johnny before he left.
We have known him for 20 years now but don’t see much of him now he lives in Picton.

I made a huge carrot cake for lunch.
There has been a baking drought here lately and Herbie was making noises about checking out the safe and pantry for baking during the weekend. So I figured maybe I should bake him a cake.
It did go down well

Herbie, Gary and Alan stayed on for lunch after fellowship.
There was a mountain of dishes and I was very appreciative of Herbie’s cheerful dishwashing skills.
I was feeling so tired and wasn’t looking forward to facing them

Thanks Alan & Herbie

The sun is now shining so I had no excuse not to hang out all the washing.
So I have done that.
Mahalia’s choice of movie for the afternoon is ‘Twelfth Night’.

Tim has gone for a nana-nap and I am thinking it would be a great idea.
So I am off to catch a few zzzz’s.

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