A quiet blobby sort of day.

Tim left for town around 7am.
The children and I had a pretty cruisey day.
I never woke them – just waited for them to wake themselves.

I read my book in the spa.
Shanni read on the sofa.
Then Hali and Azzan woke and we piddled around a bit.

Then we had breakfast.
Azzan ordered runny eggs and soldier toast to dip in the yolk.
I joined him and Hali with the eggs – however in my zealousness to not hard boil I under boiled so they were not nice runny – the whites were yuck runny.
We ate what we could.

We did some school work around the kitchen table.
Nathan got up around 10am and after he had eaten he did all the beds in The Cottage for me.

Then we made pancakes for lunch.
Only Nathan disappeared up to the workshop and never got any.
Then we all watched ‘She’s the Man’.
A modern take off of Twelfth Night.
It was funny.

From there it was chores – not too many and Shanni and I made Nachos for dinner.
That was easy and yummy.

I got Hali & Azzan into bed early, helped Shanni to update her blog.
Then she and Nate hit the hay and I have just finished watching ‘The Wedding Date’.

Tim picked Anson up at the airport at 9pm so they won’t be home till midnight and I am not waiting up till then.

So all in all it has been a quiet blobby not stressful sorta day – nice

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