Alibi is launched – without champange!

Leeann and Cat levering it out of the shed.
Cat waited for Tim to be with her just in case.
But it all went very smoothly

Seb and Phoebe – doing the paparazzi thing for me.

Inching it’s way carefully down the rails.

The royal crew!

Giving her a few helping shoves to get her off the trolley.

Just a few more pushes Cat, just one more……

Cat woman! 

Bring her in fellas!

Captain Cat.

Ship’s cat.

The crew is still aboard.

She’s under way – at long last.

Nuana coming to watch the proceedings.

Oops! A slight problem.
Mechanical breakdown.

Just as well Ans & Bri were handy to tow her in again.

Alibi is sitting nicely on the mooring tonight.
Looks like a bit more work to do but she was travelling in the water under her own steam for the first time in years!!

  Well done Cat 

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