The Rest of Today :-)

It has been a busy day here.
People everywhere.

Rolf spent the morning cleaning out the yards.
They had filled up during the last rains and were quite yucky.
With more shearing happening and tourists in the Cottage it was essential to get it all cleaned out.
Thanks for helping him Bri.

He then helped Christian who is repairing and strengthening a picnic table which Tim has had on the to-do list for about 3 years!!

There has been lots of swimming today.
Shanni kindly reused wet togs exclaiming how yucky it was to put wet togs back on but doing it to save washing – sweet thoughtful child.

The young ones just love having their big sisters home.
Bri is a water baby so they get to swim with her a lot.

Tim & Anson in the boat shed contemplating the launch.

Mahalia having her first ride on Alibi.

Azzan in his own wee world.

Seb & Nick doing a bit more to the aviary.
It is making progress – just slow!
Skate boarding is so much more interesting and fun
It is nearly ready for the concreting which Bri will hopefully get time to do.

The Shanarazzi!!

Pohutukawa – NZ’s Christmas tree.
Who needs one inside when we have such glory outside our front door?

Alan asked Tim to baptise him this week.
So after quite a long chat with him and a few others we headed down to the beach.

Shanni & Alan pondering things while we waited on Tim who had gotten side-tracked with another visitor!!

Bri and Tim did the deed together.
It was very appropriate as Bri was the first one to give Alan a bible several years ago.

Alan with his 3 children.
Nuana, Michael and Matthew.

I like this shot that Shanni took.

Bri, Nuana, me, Phoebe & Alan just before we headed up to find dry and warm clothes.

Willie, Grace & Emma arrived mid afternoon.
So we are now 18 here.

They are putting the tent up as I speak.
Willie and I thought it would be a bit nicer than dossing in the woolshed like Bri was proposing.

I have made a humungous pot of sausage and tomato goulash to have for dinner with brown rice and salad.
Should keep the masses tummy’s full.

Tim & Anson are out mustering.
The Cottage guests arrived this arvo too.
The Croft and Lodge folk arrived yesterday.
So all our accommodation units are full at the moment.

I am off to serve dinner to whoever I can find that is hungry.
An early morning coming up so better try and get some of them off to bed sooner than later.

2 thoughts on “The Rest of Today :-)

  1. Hard to imagine you guys swimming while we’re up here freezing and sitting by a fire!!!    Looks like tons of fun though!I posted the Pumpkin bread recipe on my xanga!Hope you like it!  We’re really enjoying it!

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