A fantastically warmishly hot type of day.

Today was hot.
In fact it got hot very early.

Tim and I woke as the sun was dawning over the hills so hopped into the spa to enjoy the early morning solitude and chat while we had peace and quiet and no interruptions.

Then He & Seb left at 6:30am to go get a load of fuel from Elaine Bay.
Christian & Alan went oyster harvesting for the morning.
Cat & Anson were up at 7am cuz Rolf wanted to get work started at 7:30am.
He’s a keen man.
Eare & Nuana also left for Nelson at 8am.

The children and Nick and Nate appeared at a normal hour and the girls all emptied out of their tent and trailed in slowly for breakfast.
Azzan was the last to surface – he needs time in the mornings to wake and get into the day.

By the time Azzan woke the day was already rather warm.
He wandered about in a bit of a daze and I had quite a job to get him to have breakfast.
I talked to him about how important it is to keep drinking water on these hot days.
He came inside and commented rather sagely about the fickle weather.
‘Yesterday it was Antarctica here and to day it is Africa.’!!!

Bri instigated an early morning swim.
It was already very warm so it wasn’t too hard to find eager beavers to accompany her.

This rather large boat/gin palace came in last night and moored up across the bay.
It was way too hot for the swimmers to want a spa this morning.
Only Hali wallowed in there.
The rest decorated the deck in lazy repose.

While just below Rolf was slogging away digging post holes so Cat could build some stock blocking fences.

When the sheep won’t stay out of the garden Tim finds various gates and cages to block their access routes.
Cat decided they look awful and she has now built some much nicer wooded fences.

I did a bit of baking after breakfast.
Made some gluten free brownie and banana loaf for Rolf, Cat, Leeann & Tim and some flapjack slice for the rest of the crew.

Up the hill there was a hive of activity.

Cat and Anson were building the decking for his hut.
Anson is no builder so it was funny watching him getting frustrated with the nails that would not go in straight!!
But he was persevering so that was the main thing.

You get a fantastic view from up there.

Many workers and many sightseers.

Azzan went for a swing in the cool of the gum tree.

There is a wonderful rose growing on the way back down to the house.
It has become very big and bushy and the scent is just wonderful.

The bees were very busy working in it this morning.

Tim got home just on midday.
Seb took off to town with Matt to pick up his ‘new’ car.
He has bought a 1984 Mitsubishi Tredia this time.

Then the big decision was made to go to D’Urville Island camping.
So the next 3 hours were occupied with lunch and packing food and sleeping bags for everyone.

Nuana arrived back at 3pm so they all boarded and were away soon after.
They should have a glorious couple of days – all 16 of them!

I was left literally to fed the baby.
Shanni wasn’t going to go but we managed to talk her into it cuz I promised to take good care of her baby and the rest of her birds.

I was rather weary and had a snooze on the sofa before they left.
As soon as they were gone I put my feet up and watched a stupid movie while I had a late lunch.
Won’t even bother talking about that one!

Jenna, Sam and baby Anika arrived at 6pm with brother Shae.
So I got them all organised up in Graham’s abode.
Then I got stuck in and finally cleaned up my bedroom.
I needed to actually sort out clothes and hang some, fold a lot and wash a lot more of Tim’s that I found in the pile!
I am now feeling inspired to get into my art corner – now that I can find it

I popped down to the wharf to rescue a pair of oars I saw floating in the tide – some folk are not terribly reliable when borrowing things.

Then it was feeding time for the baby and my dinner.
I have just watched ‘My Brilliant Career.’
It was really good.
Certainly portrayed the lives and times of early Australia well.

Time for a quick spa and off to bed with my book.

Ah! The bliss of being able to do what I want when I want

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