Last fishing/camping trip of 2008

I was trying to get my 2008 blog all finished last night and at quarter to midnight the power went off – just for a second, but long enough to shut down the computer.
I took that as a sign that I should go to bed

So here are my last entries for the old year.

This is a photographic story from Shanni’s camera telling about their last camping trip for 2008.

They left home on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon.
Stopped for fish in Stephen’s passage.
Tim’s comment was that it was great fishing – everyone on board caught a decent fish.
The cod were coming up two at a time.

Leeann with a smile

Leeann with Azzan.

Fishing at The Sisters.
Quite a decent chop on the water.

They camped up in Port Hardy.
4 slept on board ’88 South’ the remaining 12 slept under the trees, under the stars.
No tents for this hardy bunch.

Azzan exploring in his pjs and gumboots!

This is the reason I packed his oldest rattliest pair pf pjs!

There were bodies strewn all around the camp fire.

Unfortunately the mosquitoes found them.
We don’t normally have any problem with mossies so they were not prepared at all.
Not much sleep was had by the onshore campers that night.
They were all very ready for dawn and rescue from the nasty blighters!

Bri pondering the morning.

The ones sleeping on the boat had no problems sleeping at all so didn’t hurry ashore.

Captain’s finally come ashore for breakfast.

Looks like the cook has quite a gourmet affair going on here.

The weary morning campers after a sleepless night.

Then it was time to load ALL the gear back onto the boat again.

A baby barracuda – pity they don’t stay cute – nasty horrid fish they are.

I am sure Leeann was not the only person fishing – just looks like she got in the way of Shanni’s camera the most.
Or is it that she was the most photogenic of them all?

An interesting place to sit Anson.

Two at a time again – this time Maori Chiefs.

Back to The Sisters.
This time to drop off the rock climbers.

Cat, Bri & Leeann.
This is a favourite place to scale the heights while the rest of the crew wallow around in the boat waiting…and waiting…and hopefully fishing.


And then it is time to go home.
The lack of sleep is telling on everyone now and there are bodies strewn all around the boat.

I think Christian got the most uncomfortable spot despite it being quiet and out of everyone’s way.

Home at 6ish and time to unload all the gear and unpack and transport it all back to the correct places.

I had dinner all ready for them.
For some reason not many were terribly keen on eating fish – again!

I had gotten word during the afternoon that one of our neighbours had just died from a heart attack.
Len was just a year older than me so it was a real shock to us all.
It was also only 2 months since the death of his own father.

His son shears for Anson’s boss so Anson was asked to come out and help for a couple of days to give Caleb some time to deal with the loss of his Dad.

So Anson was flat out helping to unpack camping stuff and then packing up to head out to town for two days work.

For me, the day hurridly changed from one of peace, quiet and tranquility to one of noise, hustle and bustle.

Thank you Lord for giving me 24 hours respite I needed amongst it all.

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