A merger of days….

The last few days have been busy with mustering, preparing mussel lines and many other things that I cannot remember.

The days have been lovely.
Time has been spent on the water –
mussel working,

checking out the rays – or were the rays checking us out?

And cattle mustering one evening……

Looking down on home as they head out.

Azzan leading the way

I’ll just rest up here for a while – you can head up thata way!

These photos give a pretty good feeling of how steep our farm is.

We’ll leave these fellas behind…

The day after the picnic Nathan was quite tired.
He wanted to hole up in his room and play on his computer all day.
I wouldn’t allow him to do that ALL day and asked him to do a few things.
After all if he was tired he should actually go to bed for a sleep – not play on the computer!

I asked him to empty and clean the spa.
He did that well.
Then came the filling.
I suggested he got the wood fire cranked up so we could fill it with hot water otherwise it would take ages to warm up.
So he filled it half with cold and then put the hot tap/hose on.
He then left it and disappeared off to his room – we will not ask what he was doing there!
It overflowed and drained our hot water cylinder.
So he then put the hose back in to siphon out some of the water.
And he left it.
By the time he got back the level was too low.
So back to filling it again!
Then he had dinner and forgot it and it overflowed again.
Nathan was not a happy chappie!!
Hence the furious baling with a bucket!!!

Not the best of days for our boy.
But he got over it after an early night that night!!

Azzan came in to see me with a flower clutched to his chest.
He announced that ‘bridesmaids hold their flowers between their lungs.’ 

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