An very active day :-)

I left with Christine for a short walk at 7:30am.
We walked around to Te Kopi and then Christine wanted to go further.
So we headed straight up.
No other choices at that stage really apart from back tracking.

As we climbed I was so wishing I had a camera with me.
There were some amazing photo opportunities.
The hill was very steep and was covered with long grasses.
We pulled ourselves up through them, stopping for breathers every now and then.
Not really sure when we were going to actually find ourselves at the top ridge which I knew was up there somewhere above and through all the pine trees!
We climbed on up through the pine trees until we found the ridge. which looked down on the house.
Then we walked along the fence to the gate and were met by some of the llamas.
Comical creatures they are.
Gave us a good laugh.
Then it was a lovely walk down the road through the bush.
At 9:30am we got back to the sheds to find Tim loading up a trailer full of firewood to take over to Waterfall Bay.
He and Nicky set off.
I think he was impressed about our expedition but he was too intent on getting away to actually give much reaction.
I said farewell to Sandra and Sven as they were already to leave by then too.

We then walked over to The Cottage to say good morning to Neroili & Dave, admired the garden on the way back and then in to the house for a cuppa and breakfast.
And a well earned sit down.
We reckoned we had done pretty well and had thoroughly enjoyed our crazy spur of the moment jaunt

Poppi has been creating much hilarity for us all.
Shanni had a bowl of shells on the table and he just went crazy picking them up and flipping them around.
He had a wee paua shell and when he picked it up it flipped over onto his head – looked so funny!
He got so wired up he was flipping around the table so much that I finally suggested to Shanni that she calmed him down and put him to bed.

This afternoon Tim and the boys were getting another mussel line backbone rope sorted on the beach when I got a distress call from Christine.
Les was coming from Havelock in the ‘Seagull’ and the motor had run out of oil for some reason and he was stranded and it was rather choppy where he was.
So Tim dropped tools immediately and headed off in ’88 South’ with Nicky & Shanni to rescue him.
He was over in Pohuenui Bay so not too far for Tim to go.

I was actually talking to Jesika in Melbourne at the same time so I was juggling phones and messages.
Bit of an act!
Jesika got a first hand account of the drama as it was happening.

I think Les was pretty glad to see Tim come along side.

Apparently they talked on the radio all the way back – the two kids said it was really funny.

‘Seagull’ under tow.

Back to Port Ligar and getting ‘Seagull’ onto the mooring.

Nicky heading into the beach to help Christine with their dinghy.

Offloading all the provisions onto ’88 South’.
Tim then transferred them onto the wharf and then onto the truck and then delivered them to the door at Bush Inn.
Much less hassle than unloading onto the dinghy and Les & Christine lugging them up the hill to the bach.

The birthday cake Christine had ordered was delivered to the door.
A couple of days late but it made it.
I was really surprised as I had not thought it was possible to get it here and had forgotten about it.

Thanks Christine
The photo is meant to be of the cake not me – so focus on the cake please.

The mailboat arrived today.
My new camera was on board.
The auto focus on my Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 was faulty and frustrating me immensely.
I now have charged the battery of my brand new Panasonic TZ15 and this is the first picture taken through the window of my study.
I was pretty impressed at the clarity of it as the window was not that clean.

I had bought it online at PhotoWarehouse for $100 less than in the shop in Nelson.
Christian was a huge help when I was choosing which camera to get.
So thanks Christian
I am going to really enjoy my birthday present to me

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