Another delightful day

Nathan went out early to pick up his set net.
He took George with him.
Didn’t get much but it’s the thrill of the chase rather than the ultimate catch I reckon!

Nathan and Nick spent most of the morning working on their maths.

My girls planned a sports event.
Mahalia found prizes and wrapped them up for presentation.

The Davidson trio came around in the latter stages of the morning.
Alena & Noami – the two wee Swiss girls also participated.

I packed a load of sandwiches for Mahalia and Madeline to take up.
The muesli bars were for dessert.
The boys didn’t agree with this so caused Mahalia some consternation when they tried to get them off her before the sandwiches were eaten.
These 6!!
They love each other to bits but man can they scrap too

They used the road for the events.
Running races

Then the sack races

After the sports they went up to Pine Huts to play.

Azzan got frustrated with them all so came down to the house.
He couldn’t handle the favouritism – he is smaller than the others so wasn’t winning any prizes.
But the big girls were helping the little girls.
Maybe Azzan – they are cuter than you

Mummy doesn’t think so

He bought me a flower – he was so proud of it.
Told me he had found it in his pumpkin patch.
I then had to explain that if he hadn’t picked it then it would’ve turned into a pumpkin.
So he know knows not to pick anymore.

Later in the afternoon they all gravitated back inside.
I found them in the school room playing Hungry Hippos.
I was glad they were down there – it is NOISY to the MAX!

They were all pretty weary and it had turned cold so I let them watch a movie
‘Beethoven 4’
That is one crazy movie.
They loved it.

I spent all morning making dinner and lunch.
Then in the afternoon I finally got to tidy my sewing stuff and was about to do some sewing when they watched their movie.
So I retreated to my bedroom and actually made a card!!
Amazing – first one in months.

I actually began making it last week but didn’t like it.
But now I have fiddled with it I am a bit happier with the end results.
Obviously I am totally out of practise

We managed to have dinner at 6:30pm.
Then while Tim was putting the wee darlings to bed I spent a while catching up with Cat on the phone.
Although most of the conversation was revolving around her searching on TradeMe for outboard motors.
I left her talking to Tim

I decided it was time to watch some of the movies I had hired from the library.
Put on ‘Bleak House’ – BBC version of Charles Dickens book.

I watched several sessions.
It was brilliant.

I have never read the book so was totally engrossed in it.
So much so that I kept on watching and then woke up at 11:30pm and realised I had slept through most of Session 4!!

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