Comings and goings

I had a busy day today.
Began with a mountain of washing.
The Swiss family left so had all of their linen and then all of The Cottage linen on top of our normal family washload.
Thankfully it was a good day to get it all dry.
Nick stripped all the Cottage beds for me and Nathan remade the wwoofers beds.
I juggled hanging it all out on the line between making 3 enormous banana cakes.
Two to freeze for the catering I am doing next week and one for dessert tonight.

Shanni was wandering around with Poppi on her shoulder and he had to say goodbye to Alena & Noami.
He was so funny trying to nibble Alena’s ears.

Pat and the boys were leaving at the same time – but they had a few minutes to stop for a cuppa and cake before heading off to load up timber with Graham.

Tim & Nick retreated down to the wharf and enjoyed the peace and solitude.
Tim showed Nick how to splice ropes – once!
Then Nick was away and did real good, according to Tim.

The three children all headed off to Bush Inn, promising to be back soon – yeah right!
Shanni kayaked up and the other two walked carrying the basket of togs and towels.
They had another lovely day playing on the beach.

Don’t you love their jetty they built to secure the kayak to?

Always time to rest awhile

Then about 6pm it is homeward bound using the buggy that Dad found at the recycling centre.
It has been one of the best things – they use it to carry kids, cats and gear!

After lunch I had all sorts of plans but they went out the window once again in the name of business.
I was on and off the phone and the internet as I discussed and proofed an ad many times that is going into the Fishing Paper – of course the deadline was tonight!
Then in the midst of that Neville came to look at and discuss the 2 wharf repair and rebuilding projects.
Time is of the essence for those so I was mighty relieved to be able to pass a lot of the paper  work over to him.

Tonight Les, Christine, Louisa and the children joined us for dinner.
It was lovely.
We five adults ate out on the verandah and the children ate inside.
It suited us all
The children ate their first course and then all disappeared off to play on their dirt slide, which I have just discovered is below Cat’s hut.
We sat and chatted in the cool of the evening with our drinks and cake.
The children tore past at intervals and grabbed great hunks of banana cake and disappeared again until we caught them sometime around 8:30pm and announced that it really was time that everyone headed off towards their beds.
They all needed some serious washing before climbing between the sheets tonight!

Nick cleaned up ALL the dishes for me tonight – he is such a blessing and a joy to have here.
I don’t think we will be giving him back

Nathan has had a very painful lump growing on the side of his stomach over the past few days.
It appears to be forming into a boil.
We have been poulticing it and tonight he had a hot bath and it began to discharge.
I got Louisa to put on her nurses hat tonight and double check it for me.
She gave me all the instructions on how to deal with it from here.
So after administering some Panadol I proceeded to use the cloth covered boiling spoon onto it to try and draw it more.
Shanni was fascinated by the proceedings so I wasn’t able to get her off to bed – instead she took this photo much to Nathan’s chagrin.
He actually looks a lot more relaxed here than he was.
Nick got him a cloth to put between his teeth and then bravely let Nate squeeze his arm when I was putting pressure on the wound.
He was very manly and brave about it all and I finally dressed it and sent him off to bed.
Hopefully it will be easier tomorrow.
We are really hoping to be able to deal with it here and not have to take him to town.
At this point it is thankfully not behaving like Tim’s abcess did.

I was moaning on Phillipa’s shoulder yesterday about the GST and how no matter what I do I always botch it up somehow.
This was after a phone call to the nice IRD man to try and sort out the mistake I made last time and then to find that I had managed to botch up all three payments I made for this period on Monday.
Couldn’t believe it – Sometimes I feel like a total idiot.

She has changed my whole perspective on it now by reminding me that 

‘There will be NO GST in heaven.’

I am sure I could write a song about that!!

One thought on “Comings and goings

  1. Rope splicing is a super skill.  My dad makes it look so easy…  *daydreams about praciticing, in case one day I’m faced with the necessity*Lovely day playing at the beach.  Idyllic.  Playing in the dirt sounds lovely, too.

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