The past few days.

Thursday sorta went past in a cot case sorta daze of recovery from 3 days in town and broken nights either side with Azzan coughing/choking throughout the nights.

Anson arrived back in the evening with Alex from the UK.
He brought in my ‘new’ Chesterfield sofa.
Craig from Nyberg & Nelson Upholstery had transformed it from a springless, tattered heap.
I LOVE it.
Tim is not so sure.
He was making more comments and references to his hippy wife – again!

Trouble is, it makes the rest of the living room look so dowdy so I am going to have to spruce up the curtains and paintwork now
Anson took another two chairs out for Craig to do.

I found a roll of upholstery fabric at Waterfall to cover Tim’s armchair – he likes it and it tones in with the sofa so that’s all good.
I am going to get them all done, one at a time to spread out the cost.
After all it is around 22 years of hard wear and tear and many jumping kids since they were last covered and resprung.

Alex got stuck in Fri morning and cleaned and sorted out my pantry.
She had helpers and they all did a brilliant job.

Azzan made a swamp.
I took this photo before it was disposed of.
I thought it was really cool – esp as it was totally self instigated.

Alex’s friend, Claire arrived on the mailboat.
It was a wet grotty day.
In fact we had over 100mm.
Brilliant for the farm.

Claire got straight into it and cleaned Azzan’s room.
Why is it I wonder that cleaning his room is always so high on the priority list?

A busy boy wit a busy artistic brain!!

When it was all clean and tidy Claire read stories.She was introduced to some Kiwi books which she really enjoyed – but had a hard time getting her tongue around the Maori words.

Saturday was fine and sunny and breezy.
I was sorting out bedding for wedding guests and spare mattresses to take over to Waterfall Bay.
The kids found it all and created a hut before breakfast.

Azzan & Shanni have really been hit hard with this cough.
It is totally wiping them out.
They are coughing themselves sick.
I am trying to tempt their taste buds with different foods which they are really enjoying.
There are refusing to get dressed during the day and just mooch about in their pj’s.
Azzan is getting restless and bored with life and very negative.
Shanni’s eyes have regressed and becoem very sore again.
I am filling them both up with all the herbs etc I have so somethings gotta start helping soon.
Mahalia is heaps better already, but she had a few weeks head start on them plus she had antibiotics.

Alex & Claire went round to The Croft to get it all ready for next weekend.
Then just after they had gone to make beds I got a booking for the 2 days prior.
The folk coming in just wanted bare back hire so Anson had to zip around and get the girls to unmake the beds – sigh!

The children made a wee party for Alex & Claire.

Poppi loves malt biscuits – he eats crumbs from Shanni’s mouth!

He is a wee rascal and loves to get into all the goings on around here.

Tim spent ALL day fixing the trailer.
I had a sleep after lunch while waiting for him to be ready to go over to Waterfall to finish the wharf job.
But he was having major problems so canned going.
Alex & Claire walked over and I drove with the children.
The track was very slippery because of the rain so it took them quite a while to get around.
The children and I started sorting things out and cleaning up,  then when the girls arrived they helped me to make beds.

Claire, Hali & Azzan had fun doing handstands on the lawn.

On the way home the girls had to do a pose by the sign.

I had a mutton stew cooking in the slow cooker & the rice cooker on.
Shanni had made buns.
So tea was ready when we arrived and very delicious.

The guys went round to Waterfall to watch the Super 14’s rugby.
We lost at the final moment.
Sad boys

I blobbed out and watched a movie.

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