I was presented with this beautiful flower yesterday morning

I do have to take a BIG breath when this happens.
My initial reaction is to gasp and say please do not pick the flowers.
But I was good and admired it and told Azzan how wonderful it was and how much I love the perfume.
The ginger fragrance really is one of my favourites.
Of course he then spent the rest of the day pestering me to make it into perfume with him.

Anyone out there know how to make perfume from a flower???

Alex, Claire & Matt packed a picnic lunch and went for a l-o-n-g walk around the farm and up to the highest point.
They didn’t get home until dinner time.
They LOVED it.
They spent a lot of time just sitting and talking to the llamas.

Shanni’s turkeys are becoming rather frequent visitors.

They caused much amusement to her when she found them sitting on the ledge of the deck.
The black one is tucked down in the foliage to the left.
They always travel together.
Anson is not so impressed and keeps shooing them away.

After fellowship Anson & Nick loaded up wool to take to town and then went over to Waterfall with Tim to do more wharf repairs.
They had to replace a lot of bolts that had been eaten away with rust.
They also had to do it at low tide.

Anson & Nicky had stayed up to see the sunrise at 5am.
So Nick spent most of the day sleeping in Anson’s hut.
I dragged him down to babysit at 4pm so I could head over to Waterfall to finish making beds etc.

Anson & Tim were still swinging precariously around under the wharf

They were soon finished.
Tim was quite relieved to have Anson’s help as it was quite a mission to get them all done.
Anson took off home and Tim & I went over to Homestead Bay to meet the folk there and to see how the place runs as some of our guests will be staying there.
We had a great chat with them as we discovered that Alan & I are very distant cousins though the Haycock family.
His great great grandfather was the eldest of the family and my great great grandmother was the youngest.

We arrived home soon after 7pm.
The family had fed so Tim and I had our dinner.
Then Tim & Anson went off to finish sorting vehicles for town today.
Tim is taking his Safari out to see what the garage guys can do to get it functioning properly.
Then he and Anson will join forces and wade their way through their lists and my long list before coming home tonight.

Azzan was cough/choking at 1am.
Tim was up and gone at 4am.
Anson left at 5am.
Nick, Nathan & Matt were up at 6am.
Consequently I was up and/or awake at each time too.
I am beginning to wonder what sleep is

Anyway, it is now morning.
I am awake so I had better go get through get on with my list while I still have some energy.
Only 6 days till THE wedding.

I had a call from Seb last night to say he had been attacked and robbed on Saturday night.
He had been taking money out of the ATM machine and obviously some guys had been watching him.
They waited until he and his 2 friends were walking away and then one guy hit him in the right side of his face with a left hook and another guy grabbed the money out of his hand.
Thankfully Seb is not a violent person and hates to fight so he just walked away rather than chasing them to get it back.
I couldn’t understand them hitting on him though – at 6’8″ he is quite a formidable young man.
I guess a bit of little man syndrome!!
He went to the police and they were glad to help him – especially as he had found out the names of the guys from some girls up the street.
He had to go to the Dr and then to the hosp for facial xrays as they were suspecting a fracture.
Haven’t heard results yet.

I have just spoken with the police and they are on the case.

2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. If I am getting excited for THE wedding I can’t imagine the mood around there! I hope the stress levels don’t go crazy.Thanks for the encouragements lately, much appreciated!

  2. Poor Seb he seems to be in the wars … hope he is OK … gosh young Azzan is looking more like Seb every day I reckon & he’s growing taller all the time as are the girls…Remember deep breathing & clearing the head is good at times like this … hard to do but good for you to keep dragging the mind back to peaceful thoughts instead of the dreaded lists; OK … I know everything will go fine for ALL… looking so forward to seeing all the photos … I’m feeling like I’m a guest …exciting arising … luv … Bbtw our kids went to a wedding once & at the tables [it was a sit down affair] they had disposable cameras [I think 12 or 24 shoot ones] so the guests could take photos of the event/each other too so the couple got heaps of photos of the little things that they were too busy to see, making it even a more wonderfully memorably a day…

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