Life before telephones must have been so grand!

Monday should be forever annihilated from the annals of my history!
It was a day I don’t really care to repeat again.

It felt like I was forever answering one of my phones – constantly.

It probably didn’t help that Azzan was choking in his sleep at 1am.
Then I woke at 3am.
Tim left for town at 4am.
Anson came in at 4:45 to see where Tim was cuz he was leaving for town too.
6am the boys were up and ready to head out on the farm to do some grubbing and mustering.
So by that stage I had figured out that sleep was an impossibility and I got up too.

There was mountains of washing to do and food to prepare and children to care for and just life that never stops these days.
So no good excuse to stay in bed really!

The ladies cleaned The Cottage in the morning.

I spent all day juggling my hats.
I had so many things going on in my brain to deal with.
It went from one phone call to another – I no sooner put the phone down and it would ring again……..
insurance agent, engineer, real estate agent, wedding planning calls, texts and emails to many people, police and bank stuff to sort out after Seb’s attack, supermarkets,  sons, daughters, doctor, nurse, organising food from here and there to be collected by him or her from there and wherever else to brought in here on various days according to the fragility of it,
…..and they were not just one call each – each issue demanded several calls interspersed with the others and doing things in between – it was absolutely never ending……plus sick, grotty children who are getting very grumpy with life…..
I do not think I have had such a day in a very long long time.

I managed to make a large batch of mint sauce, pesto, and dinner in amongst it all.
Then Nathan mentioned that he had a good crop of rhubarb in the garden so he went up to get some and came back with armloads of the stuff. It filled 3 huge pots!

After lunch Alex wrote all the place cards for the wedding for me.

One more job I can tick off my list

Then mid afternoon the engineer arrived in the float plane to check out the two wharves.
Thankfully Graham popped his head in the door just as it arrived here so he was able to come down and help me talk with the engineer about what needs to be done.

Claire and Matt when swimming.
I am having a hard job stopping my little ones from going in – they are so wanting to swim.
So as soon as the others came back up they hopped into the spa with them.

I spent time on the phone with the Drs nurse convincing them that Shanni & Azzan really needed some antibiotics and that I was not taking them out to town just to get them! After talking with our district nurse who has only just returned from a long leave, I have realised that Mahalia’s nasal swab was taken after she had been on antibiotics for two days and it probably masked the pertussis and that could be why the tests came back negative.

So then I had to get Tim & Anson to go pick up the perscription.
They were already out of town so they sent Seb back to get it.

When Tim & Anson got home I was told the medicine was in a paper bag.
All I found was an inhaler refill and two prescriptions.
My darling blonde 18year old had gone to the Dr’s office and collected the stuff alright.
BUT he hadn’t thought to take the paperwork to the pharmacy and get the prescriptions filled.

It was the end of a very long and tiring and stressful day.
I had been promising Shanni that Daddy was bringing in some medicine to help make her feel better.
I totally lost it.
I had a major meltdown
Thankfully everyone else had already gone to bed!

Anyway, after a spa I simmered down and managed to get a few more hours sleep than the previous night.

Tim had brought in a load of tomatoes, beans, peaches, capsicum and corn from our friends market garden.
So straight after breakfast my helpers began processing them all.

I sorted things to go over to Waterfall Bay.
Seems to be my life’s work these days – making lists and sorting where things are to go.

The first thing on my list was to call a pharmacist in Blenheim and see if they would be happy for me to fax the prescriptions to them.
When I explained what had happened they laughed!
And were only too happy to help me out.
So Nick zipped up to Waterfall Bay in the dinghy to fax them through only to return saying the fax was playing up.
I had used it myself on Sunday so I knew it should be okay.
So Alex went up with him and had a go and got them through.
Then Jesika & Sunni picked them up on their way through town.
We finally got the medicine 24 hours late.
Why is nothing ever simple

I stuffed a chicken and put it in my new slow cooker – my other ones bowl got cracked when it was used for the catered party a few weeks ago, so I was thrilled to find an even bigger one on an excellent special last week.

Tim and I got all the things from the freezer we need for catering on Saturday.
I finally found my stash of chick peas so made several batches of humus.
It was good

I also made tomato relish, and hung out many more loads of washing.
Then it began spitting so I put a lot of it through the clothes dryer.

Seb came in on Pacifica so we went down to see him.
Anson was crutching and shearing sheep with Matt’s help.
He killed a sheep and a pig for the wedding feast.

He took all the stuff I had ready over to Waterfall this arvo and met up with Sunni, Ryan & Jesika who had just arrived in.
Unfortunately the radiator in his ute has blown out so he is not a happy chappy as the ute was only serviced a couple of weeks ago!

I let Azzan & Mahalia go kayaking with Claire and Alex today.
Alex ended up in the tide trying to catch a floating away paddle!!
Shanni is not wanting to do much, her tummy is too sore and she is vomiting when she coughs so food is not staying down long. Poor wee thing is just so peaky and miserable.
She did go with Anson today for a change of scenery and was thrilled to get her bird encyclopedia back – she had left it at Aunty Ruth’s several weeks ago.

While they were gone I watched a dvd I had hired for them to watch as it is a modern day take off of
‘The Taming of The Shrew’.
I am so glad I watched it first.

It was totally unsuitable for the children to see.
So that one will go back unwatched by little eyes!

Claire and Alex cleaned the bathrooms before dinner and I made Rhubarb & Coconut cake for desert.
It was good

I still have a few things to do before the wedding so will have to get on to them tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be busy though as there are two large trucks coming in from the hire centre.
We are praying for a fine day tomorrow to get the marquee’s erected.

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