Farm stuff on Tuesday

Tuesday was a beautiful day.
Seb came in on ‘Pacifica’ to get ropes to finish seeding lines.

His blonde moment from the previous day was forgiven as I had talked to a pharmacy in Blenheim and they were happy for me to fax the scripts to them and Jesika & Sunni collected them on their way through town.

Anson and the guys were busy doing sheep work all morning.
Anson was crutching and shearing.
Also killed a mutton.
Must be a bit disconcerting for the other sheep to have their dead mate swinging away above them

Then they loaded a few onto the trailer to take them to town.

Skye is Tim’s wee bitch – Anson gets frustrated with her cuz she won’t work for him.
But Tim is quite partial to her

And this is Anson’s new dog – Bear.
He is so comical.
I love this photo Shanni took of him.

Graham has been working real hard these past couple of weeks to get the banquewting tables made for the wedding.

He put the bases together in the old blast freezer as it made a good dry dust free atmosphere to let the glue set.

We went to see the table tops he has been working on up in the supabin.

They are huge – around 3-4metres long and 1metre wide.
He is doing a brilliant job of them.

The cracks are filled with resin and in this one he has put several different nuts.
Looks so good.

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