It’s all beginning to happen……

Wednesday was the day of the marquees.
The truck was due in mid morning.
I went like the clappers and got dinner ready.
Tim took off up the bay in the dinghy with all the lads.
I drove over with the girls.

The truck took a bit of a detour down to Bulwer but eventually arrived safely.
While we waited for him Tim and Nick got rid of the clothesline.
It was in the way so Tim cut it off at ground level!

Alex & Claire got stuck in and gave the washhouse and backdoor area a really good clean.

I really love their enthusiasm.
They do a brilliant job at whatever they are asked to do.

Jesika and Sunni had spent most of the morning cleaning the kitchen while Ryan was vacuuming, cleaning off cobwebs and just generally getting the house into tip-top shape.

Jesika was right into making the cake.
The cake is actually a series of cakes of varying sizes that when put together with her delectable fillings will make

Once the truck arrived the guys were in there helping to unload everything.

This pile of canvas

and this jigsaw of poles

under Paul’s guidance

soon became several marquees.

The big one took a bit more effort to erect.

Paul had all the toys to make the job easier

Looking good!

End of a successful day.
It is getting closer to completion.

We were all really tired by the time the afternoon passed and the truck left.
I brought the wee ones back home and get them fed and into bed relatively early.
Shanni was beside herself with pain from all the coughing.

After dinner Alex & Claire and I made soy wax candles to put on the tables.

Today I have been baking most of the day for the afternoon tea.
Alex helped me and we also got dinner done and some prep towards tomorrow’s too.

Claire went up to help Graham finish off the tables.
They had a very busy and productive day.
All the tables are now together and in place.
They got back for dinner about 9pm!

Bri drove up from Christchurch with Brooke and picked up Cat in Picton.
They got in at 1am.
Cat and Anson were up real early getting jobs done.
Brooke spent all day sewing for me.
She finished making Anson’s curtains so he is pretty rapt.
She also has made nearly all the table runners.

Tim has been busy running around gathering up stuff and getting things over to the bay etc.
Matt put a hole in his fuel tank as he was leaving yesterday so Tim spent quite a while helping fix it.
He left today after lunch.

David & Sasha arrived in today as did Laz.
Phillipa & Pat and family arrived in late tonight.
They will be busy tomorrow etting the food prepared.
So the numbers are beginning to build.
Only tomorrow left to get things done.
And guess what…

Tim is taking the crew out fishing early in the morning!
I guess when there is lots to do the best de-stresser is to go fishing

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