Final preparations

Today was the last day before the wedding.
It was a busy day but it all went pretty well.
There were hiccups, but none that were insurmountable.

The day began with the most glorious sky

Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.
I think maybe the weather forecasters are going to be right about the rain tomorrow

Tim took some of the crew out fishing.
As Anson said – best they were all out there – less stress all round 

Alex & Claire were thrilled to go fishing as they had never been before.

Bri got stuck into the aviary, Shanni was delighted.

It was really great to see that she was adhering to all she learned at the chainsaw safety course I sent her to!
No safety gear or helmet, reaching above her head with the chainsaw and standing precariously on a ladder.
But as Tim said – at least she was wearing ear muffs!!

Brooke diligently sewed all the table runners for me.
She did so well.
She hadn’t sewn since primary school so I was called upon a few times to sort out empty bobbins and tangled thread.
She also made Anson’s curtains which was great.
He was thrilled.
So was I – one more thing crossed off my list

Azzan & Mahalia wanted to make polluted water.
So they had lots of fun trying to find pollutants.
They gathered all sorts of things and polluted it wonderfully.
Then when they had finished they were going to tip it down the drain

Some silly sisters

Another silly sister

I spent all morning making Tiramisu for the wedding dessert.
I also was delegating folk to gather things we needed to take over to Waterfall Bay and getting things done towards dinner etc.
Brooke and I did get a few moments to sit and discuss what we needed to do in amongst all the busyness.

Anson & Nick zipped over to Waterfall Bay to get the meat cut up and ready for the roaster.
Brooke also got the children’s rooms all sorted and moved around to make room for some guests.
And she got The Croft done too.

We managed to get everything done and all loaded into the vehicles by 3pm.
As we headed up the hill though we met Anson coming back down.
His radiator had blown a hole again.
He and Seb went back home to deal with it and Hali & Shanni squeezed in with us and helped to juggle the Tiramisu over the bumps and around the corners!!
We got it there safely.


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