Waterfall Bay preparations

Things were well underway when I arrived at Waterfall Bay.

Sunni pondering the table settings.

Brooke making the punch.

A busy kitchen under the supervision of Phillipa & Amanda.

The girl team – happy at work opening mussels.

Phillipa & Brooke making desserts.

Pat dealing to the pumpkins.

And in amongst it all the children were buzzing about.
Happy to find their friends.
Azzan and Jacob found this wee corner to read away from all the big folk.

Azzan loved decorating the tables with the glass pebbles.
His art work was a lot more free and random with a wonderful free spirited style.

The table settings and the decorations are starting to make the place look great.

Sunni & Ryan got personalised M&M’s done while they were in the USA last year.
Only to find when they opened them yesterday that the wrong month had been printed on them – duh!

Jesika has the cake underway.
I had a wee sneaky preview in the fridge…

Can’t wait to see what happens to these

and these.
Whatever she does – it will be grand

The guys put up a large tarpaulin between the house, shop and Lodge to give us some cover in case of rain tomorrow.

Laz on the roof

And David up the tree.
It is all going well and looking great guys.

Birds eye view of the proceedings.

At 6pm we discovered that the hire company hadn’t sent down the coffee mugs.
Man was I ropeable.
It has been one muck up after another with them.
So I got on the phone and strongly discussed things with the head guy and got it all sorted and a promise of a major discount for so many inconveniences.

A guest also missed his plane so I managed to organise him to travel to Rai Valley with the coffee mugs and hitch a lift in with my sister tomorrow.
The flowers also arrived – they are lovely but not what Sunni envisaged.
So Cat is going to fix them in the morning.
They will be gorgeous.

All things work if you don’t stress
I am trying not too!!

I finally rounded up the children and got back home around 7:30pm.
We had Ryan’s family all coming for dinner.
Brooke got the children showered, fed and into bed for me.
Dinner finally was served an hour later and we had a very pleasant evening getting to know the future in laws.

Sunni & Ryan presented the wedding party with special underwear which we have all been told we must wear tomorrow to identify our positions for the day.
Could be some very interesting photo shoots

Jesika – Bridsmaid

Cath – Mother of the Groom.

Chelsea – Bridesmaid and Claire – Best Woman

Tim – Father of the Bride

Laz – Best Man

and Doug – Father of the Groom.

I didn’t get a photo of mine but they match Cath’s

On that note I am now off to bed.
It is after midnight and so therefore today is the BIG day.


3 thoughts on “Waterfall Bay preparations

  1. Well at this time of day I’m thinking you will be even over afternoon tea but RELAXED after a wonderful day & FAB company … I do hope you didn’t 4get to get photos of these wonderfully thought out ‘gifts’ what a hoot … thinking of you all and so looking forward to the next installment of how Sunni & Ryan’s most wonderful day went + photos of course … ha ha luv … B

  2. It’s all looking wonderful, lots of preparation but it looks like you have plenty of willing volunteers.  Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the big day, hopefully the weather will smile on you all today.All the very best,Rob

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