Island Hills visit

We all had such a good sleep and woke to another beautiful calm day.
Mahalia was in my room fossicking for clothes as soon as she woke up.
She said to me
‘Brooke is right. If I start to wobble I just need to pedal faster.’
Then she was back outside pedaling faster and faster and zooming around the paddock like a pro.

We had breakfast, packed a picnic and drove up to Island Hills.
Dan had asked Ed & Jan if they could draft up a mob of sheep for him as he was busy.
So we all got in there and got them sorted.
It was a bit dusty and we had to get the gates sorted but we soon got them all done.

Then we went and explored.
Saw all the alterations and improvements Dan and Mandy have done over the past few years.
It is great.
Loved the museum they have put together of all the old things found around the farm.
So cool.

Dan & Mandy have taken over the farm since we were last there and have put in a huge amount of time and energy into developing the Hurunui High Country Track.

We had lunch in the sun at The Cookhouse and then loaded on board Ed’s Toyota truck and headed off towards the Bush Hut.
We took their wee granddaughter Amalia with us so she created lots of fun as only a nearly 3 year old can.
We met up with some walkers so stopped to have a chat with them.

We got to as far as the truck could take us so we set off on foot towards the Bush Hut leaving Jan with a sleepng Amalia.
It is the last night for the walkers but we only walked about half an hour in there on a slightly different route.

When we arrived Nathan was already there – in a heap on the ground – complaining as only a 13year old lad can – with a big smile on his face

It was great to see all the improvements that have been done without loosing the charm of the place.
Well done everyone

When we were ready to leave we all of a sudden realised Mahalia was not any where to be found.
We had thought she was with Brooke and Max but she wasn’t.
So we had a very worrisome time searching for her.
I eventually found her way ahead at the river crossing playing with Jan & Amalia who had walked in to meet us.
She hadn’t thought to tell anyone that she was heading back – she now knows that is NOT the way to do things when out in the bush!!

The children stripped off and had a great time in the rather chilly water.
It was so hot that they really didn’t mind though.
Amalia thought Azzan was just the bees knees and kept on wanting to follow him around.
She couldn’t get a handle on his name so just kept talking about the big boy with the wet pants

I love this photo of Ed in his element.

When we got back to the homestead Dan needed some more help with sorting sheep so Ed, Brooke & Max stayed back to help him and Jan & I took the children home.
They were hot and tired.
We couldn’t keep Mahalia off the bike.
She was racing around for all she was worth.

Finally got her in and popped them into a bath and then they all settled down to watch a new movie Azzan & I had bought the day before.
‘The Waterhorse’
Then it was dinner and bed.

We watched ‘Strictly Ballroom’.
It is such a funny, carazy Australian movie.
I enjoyed it as much the 2nd time of viewing as I did the first!!

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